1812 Brewing Company Inc (OTCMKTS:KEGS) Stock On Watchlist After Recent Fall

This morning there are a number of companies which may end up being on the radars of investors and one of those could well be the 1812 Brewing Company Inc (OTCMKTS:KEGS).

Trading Data

On Thursday, KEGS stock increased 2.49% to $0.0007 with 648.67 million shares, compared to volume of 133.73 million shares. The stock moved within a range of $0.0006 – 0.0009 after opening trade at $0.0007.

1812 Brewing Company Announces Greater New York City Distribution Agreement

The company was in the news cycle yesterday after it announced that it had successful in completing a business agreement with regards to business to business distribution that would encompass the New York City area. The distribution zone is going to include all the five boroughs of New York in addition to Westchester County. It was a major new announcement from the company and one that may well prove to be a long term boost.

In this context, it should be noted that the agreement signed yesterday was actually an extension of the TapRm.com deal that had been announced previously. As per the that deal, the company’s War of 1812 Amber Ale had been made available for direct orders from customers in as many as 45 states and Washington DC.

The latest development is going to give 1812 Brewing Company the much needed access to grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants and bars in the New York City area. It also happens to be the biggest market in the United States.