A Look at Pet Friendly Recovery Centers

The Wonders of Pet Friendly Recovery Centers

Conquer your addiction with your pet by your side at pet friendly recovery centers. Having your pet with you can speed up your recovery.

Addiction recovery can take some. Inpatient treatment programs take anywhere from 29 to over 90 days to complete while outpatient programs can take months to years.

Having your pet with you during your journey to sobriety can really help speed things along. Many pet-friendly rehabs recognize this, which is why they offer pet therapy.

Those who are seeking inpatient programs, especially, should look for a pet friendly recovery centers. These drug and alcohol treatment centers welcome different types of pets, from cats to dogs to even reptiles and birds.

Benefits of Bringing Your Pet Along

So, why should you bring your pet along? Wouldn’t it be a hindrance to your recovery? Absolutely not.

Your pet will keep you company and give you the emotional support that you need. Many pet owners struggling with addiction will specifically look for pet friendly rehab centers. In addition to keeping them company, those who have a pet with them are:

  • More likely to exercise, which can boost levels of “feel-good” chemicals in your brain for a more comfortable recovery.
  • More likely to socialize with others. Pets are a great conversation starter.
  • Not going to feel as alone when going through recovery.
  • More easily distracted from cravings, as they can distract their minds by playing with their pets.
  • Going to be in a better mood. Having a pet around can lower cortisol levels in the body and increase oxytocin levels. Cortisol is responsible for causing stress and oxytocin causes people to feel loved.  
  • More likely to be in a better state physically. Surprisingly, merely having pets around can lower a person’s blood pressure levels.

You’ll reap both physical and mental benefits just by having your pet around. It’s also one less thing to stress about. If you are seeking treatment for extended periods of time, you’ll need to find a pet sitter or other accommodations for your pet. Bring your pet with you, so you have one less thing to worry about while you seek inpatient or outpatient treatment.

What You Need to Consider

When looking for a pet friendly recovery center, you’re going need to consider whether the rehab center has the right amenities for your pet. For example, if you have a dog, you’ll need to consider whether:

  • There are any places where you can walk your dog or let it roam free.
  • The staff are well-equipped on how to handle or be around dogs.
  • Your accommodations will be comfortable for your dog, especially if you own a larger breed.
  • Your dog will be able to get along with the other pets that are at the pet friendly drug rehab center. Get a tour of various addiction treatment centers to see what type of environment they have and the residents that are already there.

You’ll also need to consider whether the pet friendly rehab center has any specific requirements. Some rehab facilities will require that pets be either spayed or neutered and be up to date with their vaccination shots.

Find a Pet Friendly Rehab Center Near You

Start your recovery as soon as possible by looking for a pet friendly recovery center near you. There are many options available. We can help you find one that’s not only compatible with both you and your pet’s needs, but also able to offer you the type of addiction treatment program that you need.

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