Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Boosts Its Fi Wireless Service With The Simply Unlimited Plan

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has embarked on a new phone plan known as Simply Unlimited. The company also seeks to introduce cheaper rates as part of its plan to draw more customers to its business.

What customers stand to gain

The design of the Simply Unlimited plan is such that customers will gain access to unlimited calls, data, and texting. However, Google is set to introduce some other changes to its extras. Some of those extras include the hotspot capabilities and its international calls, which will transfer to Fi’s second-tier plan. The plan in question will take up the name Unlimited Plus.

Google has spoken out about its Simply Unlimited plan and its working, outlining that it will start at $30 per line. The amount mentioned above will cater to three phone lines according to the company. There will also be a $45 per line for two lines rate, and these changes target wooing customers and making them more dependent on the company’s products. The $60 per line also happens to be one of the company’s most recent rates.

Google doesn’t feature in the list of the big players within the wireless market. However, the search giant has utilized Fi to test a significant portion of its models and services before. The company hopes that the expansive wireless sector adopts most of its models and services in the future.

Supporting enhanced service delivery

The unveiling of Fi took place six years ago. The new plan was a step in the right direction, offering customers an outstanding pay-as-you-go plan that enabled customers to only pay for the amount of data they consumed.

Google has been making other game-changing moves, such as introducing a technology that facilitates switching between signals. Users enjoyed a completely new experience, enjoying automatic switching between Wi-Fi and cellular signals when making calls.

Google confirms the continued existence of the pay-as-you-go plan, outlining that it is still around. The company has listened to the constant cry among customers to let them pay a consistent price monthly. It has decided to serve them with more traditional plans as part of its commitment to keep them happy and loyal.

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