Tech, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Continues The Sale Of Its AmazonBasics Products Despite Reporting Hazards Worldwide: Consumer Safety Is At Risk, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is not stopping the sale of its Basics Products worldwide risking the safety of consumers. Its products are going into flames at several places causing worry even to infants.

Amazon sells dangerous products

It is harrowing to know about the stories of Amazon Basics Products. In one incident, a melted USB cable is responsible for causing the fire to the chair when a man is sleeping. When an eight-year-old child is heating a cheese cup and macaroni, a microwave oven supplied by AmazonBasics went into flames.

A cloud of thick smoke is coming out from an AmazonBasics surge protector with just a single phone charger is connected to it. Unfortunately, an infant is nearby to the switch point where the surge protector is fitted.

Negligence on the part of Amazon

According to CNN, over 70 products or items of AmazonBasics reported incidents like electrical malfunctioning, melting, smoking, catches fire, or even explodes since 2016. CNN says Amazon removed only a few parts from the sale leaving many hazardous products on sale.

Several customers in their reviews said AmazonBasics products are potentially dangerous and cause a threat to life. The products, which are tagged as hazardous and dangerous, should be taken back and stop the sale of those items until corrective actions are taken to rectify the defect. According to Verge, several lawsuits have been filed against Amazon for supplying defective products in the past.

33,000 jobs at Amazon for tech and corporate roles

Amazon will conduct a recruitment drive on September 16, 2020. Around 1,000 recruiters will take part in the event to offer 20,000 coaching sessions for free. The company expects to add 33,000 people for tech and corporate roles. It also plans to hire the talent for the operations network on an hourly paid basis. The minimum guaranteed hourly wages for the new recruits is $15. They are also eligible for parental leave of up to 20 weeks.

Amazon will offer $150,000 that includes stock-based compensation, salary, and other benefits for those recruited for tech and corporate roles. Several people became jobless because of ongoing coronavirus crises. Therefore, people can look for jobs on an hourly basis even with no qualifications to support their families utilizing the coaching sessions offered by Amazon.

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