Aphria Inc (NASDAQ:APHA) Unveils New Products Under The Good Supply Brand: Broken Coast Cannabis Inc Introduces Wax In Its Product Line To Enter The Concentrates Category

Aphria Inc (NASDAQ:APHA) announced the entry into the concentrates category by launching hash, wax, and kief under the Good Supply trademark. Good Supply products in the high THC category in Cannabis are oils, vapes, and flower. 

The unique extraction process for varying potency levels

Concentrates offered by Good Supply are in various formats for consumption and varying potency levels. It uses a unique extraction process to provide different levels of THC and terpene profiles from Cannabis. 

CEO of Aphria, Irwin D. Simon, said the company expands its product line by introducing the flower in innovative formats. In Canada, the concentrates category is still maturing and offers an exciting opportunity to satisfy the needs of consumers with a variety of formats. 

Simon is thrilled with the quality of products like kief, wax, and hash from Good Supply for Canadians to enjoy at an affordable price range. 

Good Ol’ Hash, the first brand and solventless concentrate from Aphria product line, hold 35% THC (high potency). The company developed the 2-gram format using a blend of Good Supply strains carefully chosen for the select markets in Canada. 

Good Supply offers wax under the Grower’s Choice in select markets. It uses hydrocarbon for extracting terpenes and cannabinoids from the whole flower for a smooth texture. The company manufactures products using White Rhino, the single strain input, to provide a potency of 78%. It is available in flavors like pine, berry, and citrus.

The company offers 1-gram Kief in Sour Kush and Jean Guy, the best-selling strains. It comprises CBD-rich trichomes and terpene. One can enjoy high potency by combining kief with the flower. 

Broken Coast Wax

It is developed from a premium B.C. flower. Broken Coast wax offers 70% high THC. The company utilizes Hydrocarbon extraction technique for extracting the required terpenes and cannabinoids from the flower. Grower of Broken Coast, Kevin Anderson, said the company is excited to develop wax using Cannabis. It offers a unique experience for the users with their favorite strains.

The company offers wax in 1 gram formats in popular strains like Up In The Sky, Muskmelon OG, and Stargazer. It is available nationwide at select retail stores and online. 

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