AT&T (NYSE:T) Adds 5G to its Firstnet Network

Tech giant AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has added 5G to its public sector-focused network, FirstNet. AT&T says the 5G upgrade will not only enhance cell reception but will also come in handy for internet applications like video streaming and AI.

FirstNet’s role in the public sector

FirstNet is a network powered by AT&T to provide broadband services to first responders in the US public sector. The network is especially dedicated to public safety responders like fire and police departments.

According to AT&T, 5G will help fire departments assess a fire from live footage. Emergency medical health service providers will also have fast, and accurate directions with the AI finding the shortest route.

Axon Enterprise Inc (NASDAQ: AXON)’s CEO, Rick Smith remarks that technology plays a huge role in modern police work and reforms. Taking George Floyd’s case as an example, the prosecution wouldn’t have as strong a case without footage from the police body cams. With 5G in the police network, body cams will likely be integrated with a live feed option. To this effect, there’s already a service by Axon that uploads police body-cam data to a cloud platform and reviews it.

Over 35 cities to get 5G in April

Despite the AT&T mmWave network launched a year ago, only FirstNet users in Huston are currently enjoying the 5G services. However, with this recent announcement, AT&T says it will roll out the network to FirstNet users in parts of more than 35 cities by the end of April.

That’s not all

Alongside the 5G upgrade, FirstNet will also get AT&T’s unique encryption service. This will encrypt the data from the cell tower to FirstNet. To achieve this, AT&T will make security upgrades for every cell tower in the country. The encryption service will protect sensitive data like 911 dispatch from possible malicious attacks.

Wrapping up

The addition of 5G to FirstNet will have many positive effects on the public sector. With such infrastructure, it is only a matter of time before emergency services can explore AI’s full potential.

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