Descrypto (OTCMKTS:DSRO) Subsidiary Announces Launch of Gatorverse and Brave Heartz Lacrosse Club NFT Collection

Descrypto (OTCMKTS: DSRO), a holding company, via its subsidiary, OpenLocker, connects fans and athletes with innovative digital collectibles powered by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’S). Using OpenStable, which is part of the OpenLocker vertical, the company, is creating thoroughbred racing digital collectibles to help grow the next generation of fans.

Market Stats

On Tuesday, DSRO stock ended flat at $0.6850 with more than 1 shares, compared to its average volume of 2.8K shares. The stock moved within a range of $0.6850 – 0.6850 after opening trading at $0.6850.

Descrypto Holdings’ Subsidiary OpenLocker to Launch the Gatorverse to Empower University of Florida Student-Athletes to Engage with Fans through Innovative Collectibles

OpenLocker, Inc. a subsidiary of DesCrypto Holdings Inc., has announced the launch of Gatorverse on August 09, 2022, which is an exclusive community dedicated to connecting University of Florida Gators fans and student-athletes.

The Gatorverse collection will be released in September on OpenLocker’s platform that utilizes blockchain technology to boost fan engagement. Male and female athletes in all sports get the opportunity to share the profits from sales of their digital and physical collectibles featuring their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL). Digital collectibles will provide proof of ownership and access to the club along with next level utility and experiences for University of Florida alumni, staff, students, and fans.

Members of Gatorverse will receive a randomly generated and authenticated Gatorverse avatar with a unique combination of traits, or picture for proof (PFP). After being claimed, the PFP functions as a digital key for members to access VIP events and receive rewards from local, regional and national retailers. OpenLocker’s platform is fan-friendly, as it eliminates hurdles when it comes to the adoption of digital collectibles by accepting both fiat and cryptocurrency, while minimizing steps for setting up a digital wallet to store tokens.

OpenLocker has demonstrated the successful use of blockchain technology to monetize college NIL with the release of the Bone Yard Huskzy Club NFT Collection featuring the entire men’s basketball team at the University of Connecticut. The company plans to include athletes in different University of Florida sports programs, including men’s and women’s basketball, football, baseball, softball, gymnastics and soccer. Once they enter into an NIL agreement with OpenLocker, athletes can offer fans personalized collectibles, gear and experiences.

Descrypto Holdings’ Subsidiary OpenLocker to Launch the Brave Heartz Lacrosse Club NFT Collection Featuring Premiere Lacrosse League Stars Grant Ament and Rob Pannell to Engage and Mentor Fans Worldwide

OpenLocker, Inc., on July 06, 2022, announced the launch of the Brave Heartz Lacrosse Club – an exclusive community dedicated to connecting lacrosse fans and athletes. A limited-edition collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will be released this summer on OpenLocker’s platform using blockchain technology to provide next level utility and experiences. The first series will include the Name, Image and Likeness of Premiere Lacrosse League stars Grant Ament and Rob Pannell.

Each Brave Heartz Lacrosse Club NFT features a lacrosse player avatar with a unique combination of randomly generated traits with defined scarcity scores. There is also a set of rare avatars illustrated in the likeness of participating Premier Lacrosse League players. Each NFT grants access to exclusive experiences, a members-only gear shop and platform for fans to enter giveaways for autographed memorabilia.

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