Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ: FB) to Partner with Spotify In Launching A Music Service

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ: FB) users will soon be listening to the same music as their friends on the same new Facebook Ticker app. It will be possible for you and your friends to share favorite songs and podcasts on Facebook via Spotify. Your friends will be updated in Ticker once the content is shared.

By hovering over the update, you will listen to the same songs instantly. This means that you don’t have to be connected to the Spotify website or app with this in-line audio player but listen to Spotify content shared on Facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg disclosed this initiative with Spotify to reporter Casey Newton during the Discord interview on April 19.

According to The Guardian, Spotify is the world’s most famous and fast-growing music subscription currently with over 3 million subscribers from 1 million in 2011. Recently, the company announced having upwards of 2.5 million paying subscribers onboard. With its partnership with the Social media giant on an initiative called Open Graph, Spotify has since realized approximately 500,000 more premium users.

Spotify’s co-founder, Daniel Ek, said the initiative would be a game-changer for digital music while talking on Project Boombox. He added that it would lead to interactions that would keep Spotify and Facebook’s user experience fun like never before. The company projects that users who link their Facebook and Spotify accounts would more likely become paying subscribers. This means that artists will get a fair share of royalties for their content from the company in the future. He added that artists shying away from sharing their albums here are missing out big time.

So far, Project Boombox supports both music but podcasts as well. It has already been tested in various countries outside the US, such as Thailand and Mexico. It’s not clear yet when the service will be launched. However, close sources indicate it could be launched by the end of the month. Spotify welcomes more developers and brands with open arms to develop applications using its JavaScript API and let users read and share reviews, purchase merchandise and concert tickets.

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