Is Online Addiction Treatment a Viable Option?

Are you having difficulty finding a drug treatment program that fits your unique needs? Have you tried residential or outpatient treatment in the past and still struggle with addiction? If you have answered yes, you may fear that the help you need is out of reach. Fortunately, help may just be a mouse click away. An increasing number of addicts are pursuing online addiction treatment.

It may seem odd, but studiesare showing that online addiction treatment may be more effective in the long run when compared to traditional treatment options. This article will outline the why traditional treatment options may fall short and how online addiction treatment may benefit those who don’t respond to other treatment methods 

The Barriers Addicts Face Regarding Treatment

Treatment isn’t one size fits all. While residential, outpatient and day treatment have many benefits, there are obstacles addicts face. First of all, treatment can run into the tens of thousands of dollars—and insurance may not cover costs. Addicts may show feel stigmatized if it is known they are entering a treatment facility. There may be a great sense of shame and guilt they feel, and they feel they may not be worthy of treatment.

There is also the concept of abstinence. Before addicts enter treatment, they are required to be free of drugs and/or alcohol. For some addicts, making this commitment before they receive any kind of help may be too much to bear. In some instances, they may lie about being abstinent and enter treatment not fully ready to do the work. Additionally, the isolation addicts may feel while in formal treatment may foster anger and resentment—and as a result they resist help.

What are the Benefits on Online Addiction Treatment?

If you or a loved one has struggled with traditional treatment options, online addiction treatment may be worth a look. Online addiction treatment has several benefits that may be of interest:


With traditional treatment options such as residential or outpatient treatment, you are committed to treatment and programming for specific hours during the day. If support and help is needed after hours, support may be limited. With online addiction treatment, there is more flexibility in regards to scheduling and accessing programs. You can log in at your convenience day or night, and you can work your program at your own pace.

Removes Barriers

The biggest obstacles facing addicts considering treatment are money, transportation, child care, and leaving employers for extended periods of time. Online addiction treatment programs can be accessed after work, during lunch, or other times during the day. These programs can be especially beneficial to those living in rural areas where treatment options are scarce. 


One of the biggest obstacles people encounter in treatment is their relationship with counselors and other treatment staff. While treatment staff does their best to be supportive to those in recovery, the methods they use and the way they communicate may make clients less receptive to treatment. Online addiction programs allow those new in recovery to choose what they want to work on in their recovery. Additionally, clients can prioritize what is important in their recovery and create a plan of action.

What Online Addiction Programs are Available?

You may be surprised to know there are several online addiction treatment programs available to you. The most well-known include the following:


*Self Recovery

*Smart IOP

*Life Process Program

Visit these sites, take a look around, and see if what they offer may be of help to you or a loved one. If you need help finding a treatment program that will fit your particular needs, contact Drug Rehab Program Journal toll-free at 1-800-205-1201. Our staff is available to you around the clock to help you find the program you need to break free from addiction for good. 

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