Learn to Cope: A Non-Profit Organization Filled with Addiction Resources

Founded in 2004, Learn to Cope is a non-profit organization that offers drug education, addiction resources and peer support and hope for parents and family members of addicts. This organization also hosts many fundraisers and events to raise awareness for addiction and its dangers.

Anyone who is looking for help can go to Learn to Cope for more information. They can immediately access drug education classes and addiction resources that can help them better understand addiction. These resources can also help these individuals learn how to approach an addict about recovery.

The Founder: Joanne Peterson

Joanne Peterson is both the Founder and the Executive Director of Learn to Cope. As a young girl, Peterson experienced issues surrounding mental illness and addiction. Her personal experiences and stories allow her to relate to those who are looking for help. She understands their predicament and can even relate to it.

Peterson didn’t start Learn to Cope until she discovered that her own son was experimenting with prescription drugs. This eventually led to a full-blown opioid addiction. Determined to help her son, Peterson founded Learn to Cope as a way to offer addiction resources to others who were in the same position. She hopes to use her voice to bring about change.

Her hard work and perseverance has paid off. Today, Peterson’s son is in long-term recovery. Learn to Cope has also helped thousands of families get the support and resources that they need.

Resources Offered by Learn to Cope

Those who are looking for help can jump onto the Learn to Cope website immediately to find the resources that they are looking for. Some of the things that this non-profit organization can offer include:

  • Informational articles surrounding addiction and overdose
  • A forum for family and friends of addicts to connect with one another
  • Regular online meetings for loved ones to get the peer support that they need

Learn to Cope creates a community for those in need. All of the resources that are offered come with no strings attached and no costs at all. Those who need support and help can reach out anytime. They can find mentors and sponsors through the website as well. Many loved ones may even find a confidant to lean on during difficult times.

Learn More About Some of the Other Types of Addiction Resources Out There

There are plenty of addiction resources online and in your local area. We understand that finding the right resources may not be easy. Fortunately, we have a team of addiction experts and specialists ready to connect you with the resources that you’re looking for. At the very least, we can point you in the direction of the resources that you need. With the right resources, you’ll be better equipped to face addiction head on.

If you are new in recovery and are struggling to stay sober, call Drug Rehab Program Journal toll-free today at 1-800-205-1201. Help is just a phone call away.

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