LGBT Recovery Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The LGBT community is more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. They face many difficult issues. Addicts should seek LGBT recovery programs. Learn more here.

Adults who identify as either LGBT are twice as likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, and LGB adolescents are 90% more likely to abuse substances than heterosexual adolescents.

Drug addicts who identify as LGBT often find that they have difficulties admitting that they have an addiction and finding help for their issue. They may not feel comfortable going to traditional drug rehab centers, as they feel like they don’t belong. They may have difficulties opening up to others who don’t share the same struggles and experiences.

Fortunately, many drug and alcohol treatment centers offer LGBT recovery programs now. These programs target LGBT-specific issues. Learn more about the high addiction rates and the treatment options that are available here.

The Causes Behind the High Addiction Rates in the LGBT Community

What’s the deal behind the high substance abuse addiction rates among the LGBTQ+ community? Those who identify as LGBTQ+ are more likely to use drugs and alcohol because:

  • They face more stigma and prejudice on a daily basis, and need a way to cope. Drugs and alcohol may help them relieve stress and feel more confident in themselves.
  • They may have difficulties finding an addiction treatment program or service that caters to their needs.
  • They are exposed to more drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol use is considered the ‘norm’ or the hip thing to do in many LGBTQ+ clubs, bars and spaces.

Many LGBT individuals also feel like they have a lack of familial support. They may feel alone in this world. Drug use can help them cope with feelings of loneliness and depression. Many of these people struggling with addiction also struggle with mental health issues.

Reasons to Choose LGBT Treatment

LGBT recovery programs are able to better address specific issues and problems that these substance abusers face. As a result, this type of LGBT treatment tends to be more effective and has higher success rates

For example, LGBT rehab centers and programs can help sexual minorities learn how to deal with:

  • Discrimination
  • The stress of coming out to loved ones
  • Homophobia
  • Social ostracization from family and friends
  • Mental health disorders

They can also help these individuals learn how to accept their sexual orientation or gender identity. Addiction recovery programs for LGBT individuals help patients learn how to love and accept themselves for who they are.

What to Look for in an LGBT Treatment Program

When looking for a rehab program that offers LGBT substance abuse treatment, you need to consider various factors, like:

  • The part of the LGBT community that the rehab program caters to. Some alcohol and drug rehabs will reach out to specific branches or segments, like gays and lesbians.
  • Whether the staff are specially trained to help patients deal with problems surrounding their sexual orientation. The staff should be trained on how to be more culturally sensitive to this demographic.
  • The type of community that is already there.

Get a tour of the treatment facility before you get treatment there. The tour should give you a better idea of the atmosphere of the place, and the type of environment that the center can offer.

Get the Help that You Need Today

Don’t hide behind drugs and alcohol any longer. Get the help that you need by contacting an LGBT recovery center as soon as possible. Learn about the treatment options that are available, and the type of special services that these programs can offer. Recover from addiction and live your best life!

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