NAD Therapy for Drug Addiction

NAD therapy

There are many addiction therapies that are available to those struggling with substance abuse. While a majority of these therapies have been extensively tested and used on countless addicts, there may be questions on the long-term safety and health of patients. In response to those concerns, there has been increasing research on natural-based addiction treatments. One such therapy is NAD Therapy. Addiction professionals hope that NAD Therapy for Drug Addiction will provide a solid option to those seeking help breaking the vicious cycle of abuse 

What is NAD?

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This is a naturally occurring co-enzyme that is part of the niacin family. Niacin helps convert the food that we eat into cellular energy. When person abuses substances, their levels of NAD become depleted and the body cannot function at an optimal level. A person’s NAD levels also become depleted if a person experiences mental conditions such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.

How Does NAD Therapy for Drug Addiction Work?

NAD therapy for drug addiction is commonly used in an outpatient setting. When a person undergoes NAD therapy, they will receive the co-enzyme by intravenous injection. Because NAD is administered by IV, it bypasses the stomach and goes directly to the brain. When it reaches the brain, NAD gives the individual a boost of energy and helps enhance the patient’s mood and awareness.

The influx of NAD provides great benefits to those recovering from addiction. Firstly, NAD aids in the flushing out of substances that may still be in a person’s body. Secondly, it can aid in medication-based therapy (MAT) because it help decrease the physical and psychological pain of withdrawal. Since NAD is naturally occurring in the body, it helps people feel energy without the side effects that can be felt with other medications.

Does NAD Therapy For Drug Addiction Actually Help Addicts Recover?

While the science behind NAD Therapy is promising, there is little empirical evidence that points to its overall effectiveness in drug treatment. The lack of consistent strong evidence can be seen as outweighing the benefits at this current time. In order to see benefits from NAD Therapy for Addiction, there needs to be a consistent amount of the co-enzyme administered over a considerable length of time. Current protocolsshow this therapy should be administered over a period of several days and for several hours at a time. 

Secondly, the cost may prohibit people from pursuing this therapy. NAD therapy can run several thousand dollars. People considered this form of therapy will need to check with their insurance carrier to see if it is covered under their policy. In order to help defray some of the costs, some centers are providing percentage discounts. Thirdly, there is no other effective way of administration of NAD. Using store-bought niacin products that are taken orally will break down in the stomach thus diluting its potency. 

Do You Want to Know More About NAD Therapy for Drug Addiction?

While not a cure-all, NAD therapy may be a supplementary treatment option that warrants a second look. If you would like to know more about this emerging addiction treatment option, contact Drug Rehab Program Journal toll-free today. Our experienced team of professionals can provide you the resources you need to make the best informed decisions. Call us toll-free at 1-800-205-1201 right now. 

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