Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) New Goldengate Technology Set To Simplify Data Management And More

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) continues working on its GoldenGate technology, hoping to take the customer experience a notch higher. The company makes changes that simplify the data management process. For example, customers will access their valuable data more readily. Oracle also seeks to enable customers to analyze their data in real-time as part of its latest changes.

Customers to benefit significantly from the move

The GoldenGate service pulls along with a data fabric platform that enables customers to accomplish a lot in real-time. It is about serving customers with a service that allows them to handle data replication. Some of the activities they will undertake include data design, execution, orchestration, and monitoring. Oracle has also spoken about the new capabilities that will enable customers to focus on streaming their data events.

The company’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) happens to be a unique cloud service focusing on real-time data ingestion to the cloud. It also handles other aspects, such as data integration, offering support for time-series analytics, and general-purpose database replication. Oracle outlines that all of these things are achievable even when data is in flight and that its customers get to enjoy a pay-per-use solution.

Oracle’s latest OCI GoldenGate service is a “step towards the direction,” considering how it handles event-based data integration uniquely. It is a new dawn for the analytic data stores and the operational databases as the company unveils its cloud service.

The unification of analytic and operational data integration and its role

Analysts applaud Oracle’s move to unify analytic and operational data integration, outlining that customers will have an easier time simplifying their data architecture. Most customers have been struggling with complex tooling. Oracle wants to make the most of such challenges a “matter of the past.” The company’s latest move also focuses on analytics data and seeks to make it trusted and timely for all its customers.

Oracle seems pretty excited about its OCI GoldenGate and considers it a working solution for modern, multi-cloud, and decentralized data. The new OCI-native GoldenGate service happens to be a highly automated solution with the capacity to carry out wide-ranging functions such as workload scaling, configuration, and patching. It achieves all the mentioned goals while at the same time upholding high availability.

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