Ozop Energy Solutions Inc. (OTC:OZSC) Stock In Focus After Completing Phase One of the Prototype

On Tuesday, there were a number of companies that were in the news for one reason or another, and one of those was Ozop Energy Solutions Inc. (OTC:OZSC). Yesterday, the company made an announcement with regards to the development of OZOP ARC. The product is meant to create a new benchmark in the lighting industry.

The product would be a complete lighting control offering that combined advanced technology with adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. The company noted that the OZOP ARC would work as the brains of the company’s innovative lighting control system. In order to ensure maximum compatibility with a device, the ARC actually integrates with auxiliary devices by way of 12C or Ethernet in order to ensure maximum system coherence.

It should be noted that the system works as a DHCP server in itself and additionally bears RJ45 ports, which help with network interface. Additionally, the OZOP ARC also offers a number of options for network connectivity, like wireless mesh and Bluetooth. ARC would consist of a range of product lines, which would also include Dum-e. Dum-e is a specialized relay driver that has been designed in such a way as to provide smooth integration so that 120V light can be switched into the control environment.

The product Dum-e offers architects and designers the opportunity to incorporate advanced architectural switches and fixtures without having to do away with the advantages of a complete control system.um-e helps in providing a solution to the major issue with regards to the trade-off between system usability and coherent design trends. It is an issue that has dogged the industry for a long time, and Dum-e solves it.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ozop Energy Solutions, Brian Conway, spoke about the matter as well. He noted that the unveiling of the product from the company as well as the accompanying components was a significant new milestone for Ozop Energy Solutions and also the industry at large. He also stated that the product brought together the triple benefits of an intuitive web interface, optimal efficiency, and enhanced usability.

He went on to note that after having spoken to distribution and manufacturing partners, the company had come to a conservative estimate of a market ranging from 30000 units to 50000 units a year. The lower end of the retail price would be $2000 each, he added. Conway went on to add that the Dum-e card was a first-of-its kind product in the industry since it would allow for using auxiliary control interfaces without compromising the capability of the systems in any way.

In this context, it also ought to be noted that the product would also make use of the powerful functions of networked technologies. The web interface offered by the product is comprehensive and would provide options for remote system control and related monitoring. The latest product could be seen as an example of the commitment Ozop Energy Solutions had with regards to innovation in the renewable energy market.

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