Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) Selects A Different Approach For The Sale Of Kids Toys During The Holiday Season

Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) invites several kids every year before the holiday shopping season to its stores. They try out different toys and indicate their preferences. The wholesaler selects the top interested toys of kids and stocks them for the holiday sale. Despite ongoing coronavirus crises, the demand for kids’ toys will remain intact.

Mails kids toys for a tryout at homes

Walmart adopted a different approach in selecting the kids’ toys this holiday shopping season. It mailed toys to their homes so that kids can try out and tell their preferences because of difficulty in gathering them to stores due to coronavirus restrictions.

The retailer developed an online tool, which enables kids to unbox, test, and play with the toys virtually. It is not possible to send several toys to everyone’s home. Therefore, virtual testing allows Walmart to know their preferences and interests and send selected toys to fulfillment centers.

It allows kids to try over 100 toys using its Wonder Lab and interact with them virtually. Brad Bedwell of Walmart said the retailer already transported several toys to the fulfillment centers this year anticipating higher orders online.

Top-rated toys for kids

Kids’ toys already hit the shelves in its centers in August to learn the sales performance. Top-rated toys targeted at kids this year include outdoor toys like hoverboards and scooters, classics comprising Lego, and distinct products such as Squeakee.

Enhanced sales of toys during the pandemic

Walmart already experienced a growth in children’s toys during the coronavirus pandemic. It reported a double-digit growth since March 2020. The company posted a growth in sales of toys by 37% YoY in May 2020. Parents purchased toys such as water toys to swing sets.

MD of Jefferies, Steph Wissink said several families spent time during coronavirus crises by completing puzzles, riding bikes, and playing the board games. The sales of toys online accounted for 30% of all sales in the US. Over 50% of sales of toys are reported when coronavirus peaked and around 40% after that.

Several parents face a cash crunch during this holiday season. Some of the families, who already purchased toys during the pandemic, may see pondering on the floor.

Walmart tops the sales of toys with a share of 25% in the US whereas Amazon follows with a 20% share.

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