Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) Receives The Nod Of The US For Its BinaxNOW And Expects To Ship To Retailers Soon

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) announced the US regulators’ approval to facilitate affordable at-home and over-the-counter tests using BinaxNOW.

The innovative rapid coronavirus antigen test can be used at workplaces and schools for regular screening of people without symptoms. It provides results within 15 minutes. Abbott will commence shipment of the BinaxNOW test to the retailers soon.

Acquire BinaxNOW test without prescription

People can now acquire BinaxNOW without prescription either at online stores or local stores and use them at home.

The retailers can avail of the kit at less than $10. However, Abbott will soon release the price for OTC. Officer Robert Ford, CEO of Abbott, said BinaxNow will provide accurate results. So, every American can buy and keep one in their possession for ready testing.

Growing market for COVID-19 tests

The market for rapid coronavirus tests that provide instant results is growing at industrial establishments and schools as they look to resume operations. Douglas Bryant, CEO of Quidel Corp, said the recent announcement of $10 billion funding from Whitehouse for schools boosts the demand for BinaxNOW.

The schools in the US are preparing to reopen with the relaxation of Disease Control and Prevention rules. According to the guidance, the students need to maintain a gap of 3 ft in the schools after the thorough screening to inhibit coronavirus spread.

Screening is also necessary at schools for students who intend to take part in extracurricular activities. The authorities in the US also mandated testing of athletes before participating in the events.

Non-invasive nasal swab

A non-invasive nasal swab is just required for BinaxNOW. As per the US FDA’s expanded authorization, the test can be used frequently to screen asymptomatic people for coronavirus.

The US authorities already approved BinaxNOW in August 2020 to screen people suspected of suffering from coronavirus by healthcare authorities. The monthly manufacturing capacity of Abbott is 50 million BinaxNOW at its facilities in the US.

Unveils NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic

Abbott recently introduced NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic to allow patients to communicate with physicians and receive treatment.

NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic helps patients suffering from movement disorders or chronic pain and finds it difficult to access the care.

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