Alternative Wellness Health Inc. (OTC:EXMT) Stock on Watchlist After Latest News

There were quite a number of companies that had been in the news cycle on Thursday, and it may be a good time for investors to take a look at some of them. One of the companies that may come into focus today owing to the developments of yesterday is Alternative Wellness Health Inc. (OTC:EXMT).

The company announced yesterday that its customers would be able to purchase its Amethyst Water line of products from its online shop. Those who are interested could visit to place the order. The company launched new products last month, and yesterday it revealed that it was looking to expand its domestic marketing and sales team across the United States. The company went on to note in its news release that the sales force was working diligently, and concurrently, it was working on marketing efforts to support a range of initiatives. The marketing efforts would also focus on the company’s vendors.

The company revealed that it was also working on ways to grow its affiliate program, which could be accessed online by those who may be interested. An affiliate would be able to make money by pushing sales and promoting the Amethyst Water and CBD products. The company went on to note that it would participate in the London Bridge Days Music Festival, which would take place at Lake Havasu in Arizona in October.

At the event, Alternative Wellness Health would not only showcase its premium beverages but also introduce its water-only line for the first time. However, that was not all. The company also announced that it was in talks with a number of festivals and events so as to showcase its CBD and water product lines in the fourth quarter. It was noted that announcements with regard to those events would be made in the coming weeks.

The company was in the news on August 22 after it announced that it had decided to launch a marketing campaign for the purpose of boosting awareness of its products. At the time, the company provided further details about the dynamics of the London Bridge Days Music Festival that would be held on October 20, 2023.

Each adult ticket holder for the event would be provided with a premium CBD water beverage. As mentioned above, the company’s ‘Water Only’ product would be introduced at the event; however, its Orange Mango and Pineapple Coconut CBD Water products would also be made available.

The Director of the Beverage Division at Alternative Wellness Health, Jeff Flasco, spoke about the developments as well. He noted that due to the growing line of products at the company and the marketing campaigns, Amethyst would be promoted with product placements at important events.

The placement of the products at the events would not only showcase the products but also provide the customers with a much better sense of the products as a whole. He went on to note that the company was also finalizing the finer points of its affiliate program.

Ian Leigh

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