Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTCMKTS:BSEG) Stock in Focus After Latest News

As another trading day comes around, investors are going to be on the lookout for those stocks that may be on the verge of a breakout owing to certain key recent developments. There were a number of companies that came into the news cycle on Wednesday, and one of those was Big Screen Entertainment Group Inc. (OTCMKTS:BSEG), a film production and distribution company based out of Los Angeles.

Yesterday, the company announced that it launched an offering of its common stock in line with Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. The move from the company would allow accredited investors to make investments in Big Screen Entertainment Group and help the company take the necessary steps towards the development of a film funding platform. The funding platform would look to provide annual film financing to the tune of $75 million.

The news about the establishment of a funding platform could prove to be a visionary move from the company and consequently bring the stock into focus. The company noted that it was planning to create a one-of-a-kind crowd funding platform that would help curate a group of stringently handpicked films with both low risk and high return on investment possibilities.

In this context, it ought to be noted that Big Screen Entertainment Group boasts industry prowess and connections going back 18 years in both the international and domestic film industries. The latest move could help the company become a major player in the world of film production. Kimberley Kates, who is the chief executive officer of the company, spoke about the latest development as well. Kates noted that it was a ‘giant leap forward’ for the company and set it up for considerable future growth. She went on to note that the company was following an innovative business model that would allow anyone to become an investor in a film. Investors would also be protected since they would only be able to invest in films that had already been vetted for high potential returns and transparent accounting practices.

On September 5, Big Screen Entertainment Group announced that it had published a white paper that provided a deeper look into the world of independent films. The white paper had been authored for shrewd investors who may be looking into the possibility of making investments in independent films.

In the white paper, the company drew on the considerable market-driven experience of its team to provide a way in which profits could be generated. The white paper, entitled “What Makes an Independent Film Successful for Investors: Unveiling the Secrets of High Return Indie Filmmaking”, provided a look into cost-effective production principles, genres that provide strong returns on investment, and deep market analysis. Kimberley Kates noted that the current period made up the golden age as far as independent films were concerned. She described Big Screen Entertainment Group as the gold standard for investors who could be looking for production partners.

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