Blue Star Opportunities Corp. (OTC:BLST) Stock In Focus After Latest News

There were a large number of companies that had come into the news cycle on Thursday for one reason or another, and many of those companies would attract the attention of investors this morning. One such company could be Blue Star Opportunities Corp. (OTC:BLST), which announced yesterday that the necessity for its Diomedes MedGuard AI system for the purpose of personal medication safety had been backed by recent actions by the National Institute of Health.

The National Institute of Health has consistently promoted special education programs with regards to negative drug events. The organization had been consistent in its reporting of those events as an important public health issue since as far back as 1999. On the NIH website, it is noted that medical errors remain a major public health issue and one of the leading contributors to deaths in the United States. It was further noted that it was challenging to come up with viable solutions that could consistently minimize the chances of such events taking place.

In its news release, Blue Star Opportunities Corp. announced that the Diomedes MedGuard technology had been developed many years ago at the McGill University Health System. However, the new artificial intelligence-powered apps would be made available to consumers who want to get direct protection against the adverse effects of drug events. Stella Papadoukakis, the clinical director at the company, spoke about the development yesterday. She noted that people who were concerned about their health ought to take charge of their own health. She went on to note that such a move would allow patients to know how the health system was failing them. The Diomedes MedGuard system has been made available through a mobile phone app and would allow consumers to perform a scan of any medication through their phones.