Blue Star Opportunities Corp. (OTC:BSTO) Stock on Watchlist After Acquisition News

On account of the key announcement made by Blue Star Opportunities Corp. (OTC:BSTO) on Tuesday, it is quite likely that the company’s stock is going to be in strong focus this morning among investors. Yesterday, the company announced that it had formalized a strategic agreement with Wyoming 82001, Nutrific of Cheyenne, and with the offices in Aliso Viejo, California, pertaining to the acquisition of global distribution rights for the next wave of natural healthcare products. The board of directors of the company had also decided, as part of the direction of its strategic corporate policy, to focus on potent natural extracts so as to enhance the immune system of human beings.

However, it was also noted that the shift was complementary and in alignment with the broader corporate philosophy of preventive treatment in the medical space. Blue Star Opportunities Corp. noted that, in its opinion, the concept of powerful and new natural extracts remained undervalued at this point. However, those extracts needed to have a more important role in the everyday lives of people who wish to make their immune systems more efficient and, by extension, help medicines possibly function more effectively.

Blue Star Opportunities Corp. also revealed that the current generation of natural healthcare products in the immunity optimization space is based on unique therapeutic strengths with some of the rare native natural extracts from Australia. Many of those extracts had also been the subject of considerable research and a number of publications that had been peer reviewed by notable scientific teams in Australia. It was also noted that some of the natural extracts had also been used by the native Aboriginal people in Australia for medicinal properties for thousands of years for anti-inflammatory functions. It may be a good time to keep an eye on Blue Star Opportunities Corp. stock today.