Bright Mountain Media Inc. (OTC:BMTM) Stock Gains After Launching Audience Intelligence Services

On December 7, Bright Mountain Media Inc. (OTC:BMTM) was one of the companies to hit the headlines after it made an announcement about its subsidiary unit, Big Village. Big Village is one of the leading innovators in the consumer insights space. The company announced that its subsidiary had successfully launched the Audience Intelligence platform.

The platform was described as a path-breaking product in the audience profiling, targeting, and strategy spaces. Additionally, the news release noted that the launch was also the mark of a significant new achievement in technology meant for supporting agencies, brands, publishers, and other stakeholders in the digital marketing industry at large.

The platform would help digital marketing agencies comprehend, target, and profile both business segments as well as consumers for better outcomes. Audience intelligence had been created with the voice of the consumer as its basis. Hence, it would provide the full gamut of thousands of attributes that provide insights into the sentiments, interests, behaviors, values, and intentions of consumers, which are highly valued by brands and marketing agencies. Agencies, brands, and other stakeholders in the industry would be able to use the audience intelligence platform to boost their first-party data assets considerably.

“What makes Audience Intelligence different is the seamless integration it provides between the voice of the consumer and the campaigns that are ultimately delivered to them,” shares Chief Data Officer, Andy Davidson. “We have intentionally built our platform to enable brands and agencies to avoid the hops across various stages of strategy, planning, activation, and measurement that typically dilute campaigns. At the same time, we’ve purpose-built our solution to help publishers improve monetization with details on their first-party audiences that other solutions can’t provide.” 

Andy Davidson, the Chief Data Officer, spoke about the platform as well. He noted that one of the major factors that made audience intelligence novel was the smooth integration it provided between the views of consumers and the campaigns that were tailored for them.

He went on to state that the company had purposely built the platform in such a way that agencies and brands do not have to jump from one aspect of the campaign to another frequently. The launch of the platform could see Big Village changing the way in which the digital marketing industry works.