Bubblr Inc (OTCMKTS:BBLR) Stock Continues to Trend Lower

Ethical Web AI operator Bubblr Inc (OTCMKTS:BBLR) is an ethical technology company which is involved in the creation of an Ethical Open Web Source platform and the creation of a better internet.

Trading Data

On Thursday, BBLR stock fell 2.22% to $0.1320 with more than 52.18K shares traded, compared to volume of 15.77K shares. The stock moved within a range of $0.1300 – 0.1400 after opening trading at $0.1400.

Bubblr Rebrands Its AI Consumer App as “AI Seek” to Reflect Enhanced User Experience and Ethical Approach

The company announced yesterday that it had decided to rename its innovative consumer artificial intelligence app to AI Seek from GPT Dynamic. The decision had been reached by the company’s commitment towards the expectations of its users and also to adhere to the guidelines laid down by Apple. Apple had expressed its misgivings about the term GPT in the name of the app and that had necessitated an immediate response from Bubblr.

The company immediately decided to come up with a new name, domain and a logo for the renamed app. The result was the new app name AI Seek and it was approved by Apple as well. Steve Morris, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Ethical Web AI spoke about the development as well.

He noted that there had been changes in the app approval process at Apple recently and that had been the reason why the company decided to change the name of the app. He noted that AI Seek was currently a Proof of Concept application.