Elon Musk Confident That SpaceX Will successfully Send Humans To Mars In Six Years

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has indicated that the company could land humans on Mars six years from now or even less. Musk indicated that the first crewed mission to the red planet could happen by 2024 with the company’s next-generation spacecraft, Starship. The company plans to fly the new spacecraft in a high-altitude test this week.

Elon Musk promises crewed landing on Mars by 2026

Musk was speaking at the award show webcast from Germany, where he received an award from Axel Springer. He also shared many insights on different topics, including Tesla AI, Space, and underpopulation. The ambitious plans of landing in mars match what Musk had promised in 2016 at the International Astronomical Congress that landing humans in mars in 10 years. At the time, he had stated that he couldn’t say when it could occur because of the considerable amount of associated risk.

He indicated that he is confident with the 2026 timeline because Mars and Earth are in Sync in terms of relative orbits around the sun every 26 months. The company is planning an unscrewed launch to Mars in the next two years. Musk added that the first human landing on the red planet could be in the next Earth-Mars synchronization after the uncrewed mission depending on the launch’s success.

SpaceX to test launch Starship rocket

The company has been developing its Starship rocket, which is due for a test launch later this week at SpaceX’s Texas facility. SpaceX is building a stainless steel vehicle with the objective of launching cargo and up to 100 people at once. Unlike the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets fleets that are partially reusable, the company plans to make the Starship fully reusable.

Asked when he will make his first trip to space, Musk said that it could happen in two or three years. However, he reiterated that the main focus is to ensure there is adequate tech in place to enable travels to Mars and make life interplanetary.

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