Enzolytics Inc. (OTC:ENZC) Stock In Focus After Exclusive Licensing Agreement

This morning, most investors are expected to take a closer look into the stocks of those companies that had been in the news cycle on Wednesday, and one of the companies that could well be worth tracking is Enzolytics Inc. (OTC:ENZC). Yesterday, the company came into focus after it announced that it had inked a letter of intent with the firm Enogenesis pertaining to the particular use of the therapeutic aspect of Enzolytics’ patented Nitrous Oxide Compound (NOC) offering.

The initial focus in terms of sales would be on coming up with a combination of NOC with the nutraceutical products produced by Virogenetics Inc., a fully owned subsidiary unit of Sagaliam Acquisition Corp. The products that are currently on offer include brain detox, liver detox, IPF immune, and a newly developed weight loss compound. In the news release, it was noted that the NOC could be produced in solid, spray, or liquid form and, hence, could be combined with the virogenetics products offered in the forms of sprays, pills, or drops.

In this context, it should be noted that the discovery of the role of nitrous oxide in the form of a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system led to a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. The path-breaking study demonstrated that nitrous oxide helped in the regulation of blood vessels, thereby leading to a positive effect on overall health and blood pressure.

Enzolytics and Ecogenesis would initially work together on the application for a license for diabetes. In the case of those particular products, the companies would seek to combine NOC with metformin. Enzolytics stated that it believed that the combination with NOC would help in reducing the gastrointestinal negative effects related to metformin considerably. Additionally, Enzolytics would also license the topical NOC cream for use in diabetic neuropathy.

Jon Williams

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