Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Launches Voter Information Center As It Prepares For November Elections

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has started preparing for the U.S elections in November. Then social media giant recently launched a voter information center, the long-awaited one-stop source of election information. It is an authoritative guide to help Americans cast their votes.

Voter Registration

The center will have information before the election, during election, and after election. Currently, the center is focused on voter registration. Facebook has indicated that the center will expand to other areas as Election Day approaches. After election, the center will be important in relaying fast and accurate results.

“As we get closer to Election Day, voting by mail will be even more important to people who prefer to stay away from crowded polling places,” said Naomi Gleit, VP of product management and social impact at Facebook.

With the anticipated delays in tallying mail-in ballots, Facebook is launching the center to be a reliable source of information. Like the COVID-19 information center, the voter information center will be displayed at the top of the user’s Newsfeeds.

Mail-in voting would be ‘catastrophic’-Trump

Facebook’s voter information center is launched at a time when there is growing debate over mail-in voting. Mail-in voting has been voting to in-person voting to minimize the spread of COVID-19. President Trump has been a big critic of mail-in voting terming it ‘catastrophic’ a formula for rigging elections.

In a move seen as trying to cripple mail-in voting, President Trump recently blocked funding to the US Postal Service. According to Trump, such funds will go towards Democrats’ attempt to rig the November elections.

The funding is crucial, because the US Postal Service (USPS) recently warned that millions of mail-votes may be delayed to be counted. Dues to the pandemic, millions of people are expected to use the mail-in voting system to cast their votes.

Trump has been criticized by Democrats, including President Obama, for attacking the Mail-in system in a bid to undermine the elections. Like Taylor Swift, celebrities are also criticizing the president accusing him of “calculated dismantling” of the postal service.

Trump has repeatedly said that mail-in voting will lead to election fraud and give an upper hand to Joe Biden. The system has, however, get a clean bill from nay experts who have termed it tamper-proof.

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