Foreign Stocks to Watch: BTCWF, DSTRF, NHHHF, APLIF, FLHLF

There are a wide range of foreign companies which are listed on the American stock exchanges. These sorts of listings make the American markets the land of opportunities for investors. This feature is going to provide you with a look into five foreign stocks which may we be worth tracking at this point in time.

Bluesky Digital Assets Corp (OTC: BTCWF) – The company is focused on developing a digital enterprise of high value. At this point, Bluesky Digital Assets Corp is still in the start-up phase and is involved in the mining of digital assets like Ether and Bitcoin. It has also managed to develop value-added technology services directed at the digital currency space. The company offers an entire ecosystem for value creation in the digital currency industry. T

he company announced on June 24 that it had gone into and concluded a number of debt settlement agreements. Bluesky Digital Assets Corp announced that it had been successful in settling debts to the tune of C$695,000 of secured debt owed to creditors. The company accomplished this through the issuance of 13,910,000 common shares.

The settlement of the debt would allow Bluesky Digital Assets Corp in holding on to its cash so that it could be used for working capital purposes and also for advancing its artificial intelligence-related projects.

DevvStream (OTC: DSTRF) – The company is a leading player in the carbon credit sector and on Thursday it had come into the news cycle. DevvStream announced yesterday that it had inked a memorandum of understanding with the firm Bluegrace Energy for the purpose of managing an Amazon rainforest protection project spanning 8.3 million hectares.

The project is located in Bolivia. The company noted that it was going to opt for a novel approach for the project. It would deploy cutting technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer or satellite imaging to accomplish its goals. The aim of using such technology would be to gather precise data and then come up with accurate quantification of carbon credits.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Sunny Trinh, noted that the use of advanced technologies would enable DevvStream to protect millions of hectares of land. Additionally, it would ensure that the eventual carbon credits are in line with the Core Carbon Principles.

FuelPositive Corporation (OTC: NHHHF) – The Canadian technology company is involved in providing clean technology solutions that are sustainable and also commercially viable. The company operates an onsite/on-farm Green Ammonia production system which helps with the elimination of carbon emissions from the production process.

The Green Ammonia production leader announced on July 19 it had been successful in concluding the first tranche of its non-brokered private placement. It was further noted that the company issued another 31,443,069 units for the price of $0.65 each and raised gross proceeds to the tune of $2,043,800. Each unit was made up of one common share in FuelPositive Corporation and one common share purchase warrant.

A warrant holder would be entitled to pick up an extra share in the company for the exercise price of $0.09 up until July 18, 2026. In total, the company issued 85,313,768 units across the two tranches of the private placement and raised gross proceeds of $5,545,395.

Appili Therapeutics Inc (OTC: APLIF) – This weekAppili Therapeutics Inc announced that the initial contract with the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) that had been previously announced in May 2023, had finally been executed. The contract is for the development of the AT 1701 program and would provide at least $14 million in the form of funding.

The initial funding would be $7.3 million and that would be used by the company to commence early-stage development and regulatory work related to the project. The company would also engage with the USAFA for subsequent tranches of funding so as to continue the development of the project through an IND filing. AT 1701 is a vaccine that would help with the prevention of tularemia caused by the pathogen Francisellatularensis. According to the Centers of Disease Control, it is a Tier 1 biological threat agent.

Filament Health Corp (OTC: FLHLF) – The company is involved in the development of psychedelic drugs geared towards treating substance abuse disorders. The company has its own proprietary technology platform which helps it in delivering botanical psychedelic medicines for clinical development. On July 19 Filament Health Corp announced that it aimed to have a non-brokered private placement for raising gross proceeds of C$2,000,000.

However, it may go ahead only after regulatory approval is provided. A psychedelic medical intervention investment fund named Negev Capital would lead the offering. The company would place 22,222,222 units for the price of C$0.09 each or the amount that is approved by the NEO exchange. A unit would be made up of one common share and a common share purchase warrant.

Ian Leigh

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