Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. (OTC:GTVH) Stock Takes a Hit: But Why?

In light of the announcement made by the company this past Friday, it is likely that Golden Triangle Ventures Inc. (OTC:GTVH) stock will be in sharp focus among investors this morning. The company announced on May 24 that it had inked a letter of intent with its primary noteholder, TK Zarro LLC, pertaining to the acquisition of Cargo Management Group.

Cargo Management boasts comprehensive trucking, shipping, and logistics operations that aim to support the entertainment division business housed under Lavish Entertainment. Golden Triangle Ventures also announced that it was in the process of completing the acquisition process and thereby taking up total ownership of the brokerage business, licenses, logistics operations, and other related businesses of Cargo Management Group.

It was also stated in the news release that the acquisition was a major milestone for Golden Triangle Ventures, which demonstrated the company’s efforts to expand, thereby creating the basis for higher fundamental business income as well as financial independence. In 2023, Cargo Management Group had generated in excess of $3 million in the form of top-line revenues and boasted contracts with some of the more well-known corporations. Some of those corporations include Coyote Logistics, Echo Logistics, JB Hunt, and CH Robinson.

While the company would work on the strategy of integrating the diverse operations of Cargo Management into Golden Triangle Ventures, it would also start preparing a thorough business plan concurrently that would be concerned with its growth. The strategy for further growth would be inclusive of the incorporation of the full range of trucking freight movements and the addition of heavy haul to the offerings. The Chief Executive Officer of Golden Triangle Ventures, Steffan Dalsgaard, noted that the management was dedicated to a strategic business with operations that would support all the business divisions.

Jon Williams

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