Hapbee Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:HAPBF) Stock Continues to Move Higher

Wearable, wellness and technology company Hapbee Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:HAPBF) is best known for having created the Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad. Yesterday the company announced that it had gone into a partnership with the firm Reputable Health for the purpose of developing customized sleep routines which could be accessed from Hapbee products.

Trading Data

On Wednesday, HAPBF stock soared 1.29% to $0.0626 with 368K shares, compared to volume of 85.42K shares. The stock moved within a range of $0.0481 – 0.0688 after opening trade at $0.0659.

Hapbee Announces Partnership with Reputable Health to Develop AI-Powered, Personalized Sleep Routines

The sleep routines are going to be derived through artificial intelligence powered algorithms which will analyze the sleep data of customers that would be gathered by way of the platform from Reputable Health. Hapbee has come up with its own patented biostreaming technology which helps in optimizing the sleep, moods and performance of people.

Reputable Health had come up with its own artificial intelligence powered artificial intelligence platform which provides customized recommendations on the basis of data. The partnership will help the two companies in pooling their technologies so as to come up with an effective, individualized, digital wellness solution for all Hapbee users who wish to optimize their sleep patterns.

Reputable Health will pool the data from wearables, health experiments, genomics and lab tests The partnership could prove to be an exciting prospect for all who wish to have better sleep.

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