Inpatient Opioid Rehab: What It Is and What Are Its Benefits

Inpatient opioid rehab offers an intense level of care. This type of addiction treatment is ideal for treating severe addictions. Learn more here.

Every 19 minutes, an American dies from an opioid-related overdose. One of the many ways that the government is trying to combat this issue is by encouraging opioid addicts to seek opiate addiction treatment at a drug rehab.

Inpatient opioid rehab is highly recommended to those who have a moderate-to-severe addiction. This type of substance abuse treatment is also the ideal treatment choice for those who are likely to experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms or for those who are likely to relapse. With an inpatient treatment program, opioid abusers get a high level of care. This may help improve their chances at sobriety.

What Is an Inpatient Opioid Rehab?

An inpatient opioid rehab is the most intense type of treatment that clients can get. With an inpatient treatment program, patients will move into the opioid rehab facility for 28 to 90 days. During their stay at the rehab centers, they will receive constant medical supervision from psychiatrists, addiction experts, nurses and more.

Clients will usually first go through Opiate Replacement Therapy (ORT). This type of drug detox takes about 7 days to complete. Once clients have completed ORT and are no longer chemically dependent on opioids, they will start the rest of their addiction treatment plan. This often includes various types of behavioral therapy, holistic treatment approaches, counseling and more. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), for example, is often included in most drug rehab programs, as it is very effective in treating psychological symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient programs are often hailed as the most effective treatment programs out there. This is because of the many perks and benefits that they are able to offer, which include:

  • Around-the-clock supervision. Many opioid addicts may have a difficult time withdrawing from their addiction. The withdrawals may even become dangerous. With around-the-clock medical attention, clients can get the help they need immediately. There is no need to wait.
  • Ease of access to various amenities and treatments. Those who choose inpatient rehab often need more attention and care. By living at the rehab facility, they can gain access to the amenities and treatments that they need within a moment’s notice.
  • An opportunity to network or build a support network. Clients seeking treatment from inpatient treatment centers will meet other people in similar situations. This is a great time to build a strong support network.

Residential inpatient treatment programs are able to offer many more benefits and perks. Each rehab facility will also specialize in a different area of treatment. Drug abusers who seek inpatient treatment are often very satisfied with the level of care that they receive.

Get Around-the-Clock Medical Attention

If you think that you may need around-the-clock attention, consider seeking opioid addiction treatment from an inpatient addiction center. There, you’ll receive an intensive level of care. Your chances of succeeding in your recovery may improve.

There are many other factors that you must consider when choosing an inpatient program. Our addiction specialists can help you figure out what type of treatment programs you need and whether your insurance covers treatment at some opioid rehabs. You may also need to consider whether you need specialized treatment at the drug rehab center. For example, if you struggle with a co-occurring disorder, you may need dual diagnosis treatment.

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