JZZ Technologies Inc (OTC:JZZI) Stock On Watchlist After Recent News

Considering the announcement that was made by JZZ Technologies Inc (OTC:JZZI) on Wednesday, it may well be a good time for investors to consider taking a closer look. The company announced yesterday that it had started its inaugural marketing monetization initiative in collaboration with Data Vault Holdings LLC, which is based out of New York.

The company revealed that the initial data set had project market value in excess of $3.5 million in terms of revenues. JZZ Technologies was working on the expansion of the data set, the company noted. Essentially the company went into a joint venture with Data Vault Holdings LLC for the primary purpose of monetizing its proprietary data bases.

Charles Cardona, CEO of JZZ Technologies, Inc., stated, “Our digital division has been working behind the scenes for the past several months to build and qualify the data that Data Vault will now bring to the market for us. It has been no small task, but we know that this was a critical step in creating recurring revenue from our data from leading marketers. We are looking for results as Data Vault launches its go-to-market strategy and adds new data sets. We believe it will be a continuing growth process that rewards both companies handsomely.”

The use of Datavault had allowed the company to unlock value from its derivative data, made up of thirteen separate data sets which could be of immense value to marketing companies who may want to utilize those sets. More importantly, the company revealed that the joint venture was going to become a source of steady recurring revenues since JZZ Technologies would provide access to its high class data analysis and management tools.

The Chief Executive Officer of JZZ Technologies Charles Cardona spoke about the latest move from the company. He noted that over the course of the past months its digital division had been working on qualifying and building the data. That date would be brought to the market by Data Vault through the joint venture between the companies.

He went on to add that it was a major step for the company in order to build recurring revenue source from the data that it held. Additionally the company also revealed that the data sets which would be made available through the joint venture would also be used by JZZ Technologies for its promotions from its own digital division.

Ian Leigh

Ian Leigh is a specialist in analyzing stocks, SEC and OTC filings, and financials of public and privately-held companies. He has played a significant role in M&A activity, consulting with publicly-held firms on acquisitions and divestitures. He also consults on valuations and branding. He lectures at major universities and teaches at specialty financial schools.