Mangoceuticals (NASDAQ: MGRX) Competitive Edge in Multibillion Men’s Health Market

The global Men’s Health market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5% and is expected to be worth $4.73 billion by 2030. Mangoceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: MGRX) has risen to the occasion and tapped the massive market opportunity while addressing the needs of most men that struggle to rise to the occasion.

Focused on creating, marketing and selling various men’s health and wellness products via a secure telemedicine platform, Mangoceuticals is one company living up to expectations in addressing the Men’s Health menace.

As the market for Men’s Health expands, with an increase in the number of people with the condition, MGRX has an arsenal of products that it plans to use to make sex life better for men worldwide.

Mango Men’s Health Ultimate Solution

The pursuit of the multi-billion opportunity is supported by Mango, its special formulation that features the same ingredient found in Cialis (Tadalafil). Likewise, the formulation has proved highly effective in helping men rise to the occasion and achieve optimum performance. Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, Mango contains a combination of Tadalafil Oxytocin and L Arginine ingredients that are continuously used to treat sexual dysfunction.

In the race to make Mango readily available to the millions of men battling Men’s Health conditions, Mangoceuticals has been running a “Make America Hard Again” campaign. The campaign on its website and telemedicine platform MangoRX is already having a desired impact on reaching the targeted audience

The newly launched campaign is optimized for lead traffic generation and is expected to significantly impact revenue growth.

Mangoceuticals has been aggressive on the digital market front, having also run the “Some Things Are Better Hard” campaign in May. The campaign carried out on several social networks, was highly successful, helping popularize the Mango Brand. The campaign also helped position the Mango brand in the Men’s Health market as an important resource for assisting men to achieve greater sexual fulfillment and self-confidence.

Sponsorship Deals for Targeting Broader Market

In addition to the digital marketing campaigns, Mangoceuticals has already inked sponsorship agreements to target a broader market across various segments and demographics. A sponsorship agreement with Gas Digital Network, an established comedy platform with 22 podcasts and reaching approximately 5 million monthly listeners, took the marketing campaign to a whole new level. Gas Digital has already committed to promoting and incorporating Mango into each of its sponsored episodes.

“We believe that aligning ourselves with GaS Digital Networks and their syndicate of humorous podcasts benefits us as we seek to target their audiences and listeners that can appreciate our humorous marketing approach and can ultimately translate into loyal, long-term customers,” said Jacob Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of MangoRx.

Under the terms of the agreement, Mangoceuticals is to generate 1 million unique impressions through organic conversations and announcements. The impressions are expected to translate to new loyal and long-term customers.

The GaS digital sponsorship builds on a similar deal with Barstool Sports, which will sponsor the Only Stans podcast, which is widely popular with a massive audience. Access to a massive audience presents yet another marketing opportunity to present the Mango Men’s Health product to a massive audience.

Mangoceuticals expects the string of sponsorship deals to generate substantial interest from its customers and prospective investors.

Strengthening Men’s Health Product Line

Mango is not the only product Mangoceuticals uses to target the multibillion-dollar opportunity in the Men’s Health segment. It is on course to release its second Mango Men’s Health product leveraging existing custom compound alongside Sildenafil, an active ingredient found in Viagra.

Sildenafil is the new Mango Men’s Health product that should be available for sale in the summer, expected to further strengthen the MGRX ED product line. In addition, it is expected to strengthen revenue streams by strengthening mango as the legitimate competitor in the segment.

The Tadalafil and Sildenafil laced Mango products are legitimate products in the Men’s Health market that paves the way for Mangoceuticals to tap into two niche segments. For instance, Tadalafil will be a perfect fit for men looking to address Men’s Health conditions and last longer, while Sildenafil would be perfectly suited for people looking to enjoy full efficacy faster.

Growing the Mango Brand

Additionally, the Mango brand is more than a Men’s Health product. Instead, it is a brand that expands Mangoceutical’s footprint into other men’s health and wellness products. While empowering men to new heights, the brand continues to unlock new opportunities allowing the company to strengthen its revenue streams.

The digital ad campaigns and sponsorship deals affirm Mangoceuticals’ resolve to use creative marketing to strengthen its market share and competitive edge in the Men’s Health market segments. A push to expand and target a younger demographic with the new products is also expected to be a game changer and unlock additional value.

Mangoceuticals Long-Term Prospects

Mangoceuticals getting aggressive with its marketing campaigns to reach a broader market with its array of Men’s Health products affirms the push to unlock and tap into new revenue opportunities. While there is a buzz around the company and in the markets, it should be amplified with the addition of new products in the coming months.

It is safe to say that MGRX’s long-term prospects are looking increasingly positive as the company focuses on taking market share in the Men’s Health segments. Developing innovative products backed by superior branding and aggressive marketing initiatives affirms growth metrics that should see the company generate significant value.

Ian Leigh

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