Metatron Apps Inc. (OTC:MRNJ) Stock Gains Momentum: What’s the Buzz?

The mobile app development space is now a multibillion-dollar global industry, and it is only natural that investors are often on the lookout for companies in the sector. One of the major players in this space is Metatron Apps Inc. (OTC:MRNJ), which is well-known for having developed more than 2000 mobile apps so far.

In fact, many of the apps that it created hit the top 20 lists on the popular app stores. On Monday, the company was in focus after it announced that it entered into a partnership with blockchain-powered cryptocurrency pioneer HempCoin’s THC blockchain.

Yesterday, the two companies made a joint statement with regard to the fact that they were going to collaborate on a path-breaking joint venture that would see the creation of a leading-edge mobile game. The companies hope that the game will change the mobile experience for players globally.

In the news release yesterday, it was noted that the collaboration would bring together the strengths of both companies. The developers from the two companies would work on the development of a one-of-a kind mobile game inspired by the hugely popular game Farmville. However, there would be an exciting variant.

The game would provide players with the goal of starting and managing their own cannabis dispensaries. The eventual aim of the players would be to create their own vast cannabis conglomerates. Metatron revealed that in order to generate revenues, it would allow promotions from actual cannabis companies and other advertisers. Players would also have the option of making subscription payments so as to unlock premium features and take their experience to new heights.

Additionally, the company asserted that the game could prove to be a unique experience owing to the introduction of AI non-playable characters (AI NPCs). These characters would not only have specific personalities but also retain memories from previous interactions. Hence, players would have the opportunity to interact with these AI NPCs like vendors, customers, and regulatory authorities. It would enable the creation of long-term relationships, which would have a major impact on the gaming experience.

On August 28, Metatron Apps announced that it had entered into a strategic partnership with the firm In the news release, the company noted that the platform was a path-breaking offering that boosted productivity and creativity and also sped up the completion of projects while providing a simplified experience to the users.

In recent times, there has been a flurry of artificial intelligence-related funding, and the partnership followed closely on the heels of the acquisition of by for $11 million. These deals provide a glimpse of the considerable value that is offered by AI-focused domains. In this context, it ought to be noted that Metatron Apps emerged as a major player in the market following the partnership. It is the only OTC Markets-listed company that has functional artificial intelligence-powered products and services that have already hit the market.