Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Casts Blame On The Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Antitrust Policies For Failure On xCloud

A lot of people around the globe have been looking forward to witnessing the xCloud functioning in the various iOS devices. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has continuously raised antitrust concerns, casting blame on the various policies set in place by Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL). People are getting to understand things more clearly after Microsoft has finally decided to end the xCloud on iOS app test. This announcement has been made today, taking twitter by a storm.

A close outlook

The turn of events is a cause for worry for most of the iPhone and iPad users. That is based on the point that uncertainty looms and that their hands are tied. There is probably little that they could do to compel Apple to change its App Store policies, which have affected many, including Microsoft.

The take of product consumers

In their tweets, customers have been expressing the great need for Apple to do away do something about its antitrust policies. However, this is a decision that only Apple could make! The only point of hope for the product consumers is that the company is currently under antitrust scrutiny. Their hope remains that the company rethinks its policies to enable them to enjoy superior services.

Microsoft needs to maneuver to ensure that it succeeds at putting the Xcloud IOS. Failure to do so means that it won’t succeed attaining its full potential. Whether Apple succumbs to pressure or not is something that people will have to wait and see!

Sometimes, Apple came up with a new policy to allow developers to challenge all the rules that they would find as unfair. Some market experts believe that this could do something to shift the current state of affairs.

Focus into the future

Others have been advocating for the xCloud considering reaching out to markets beyond the USA. They have also speculated that Apple would take advantage of the moment to extract some sort of an attractive deal in exchange for the compromise it makes with its hostile App Store Policies.

Some people have linked the situation to a lack of clear communication between the two business giants. According to them, proper communication could help a lot to make the deal a success.

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