Nanocap Momentum Watchlist EPAZ, BDPT, DLOC, GZIC

Momentum trading, a popular investment strategy, seeks to capitalize on the power of stocks that exhibit significant price movements. By identifying momentum stocks with strong underlying fundamentals, investors aim to capture substantial returns. In the current bullish market environment, several stocks are standing out as potential plays to take full advantage of the prevailing momentum. 

Among these noteworthy stocks, EPAZ, BDPT, DLOC, and GZIC have attracted significant attention, drawing keen interest from traders and investors alike. With a discerning eye on these opportunities, market participants are positioning themselves to ride the wave of upward momentum in the stock market.


Epazz Inc. (OTC: EPAZ) is a technology company specializing in various sectors, including drone technology, cryptocurrency technology, blockchain mobile apps, and cloud-based business software solutions. 

The technology company is experiencing notable momentum in the market. EPAZ closed up 16.6% Thursday. This significant gain underscores the company’s potential as a standout momentum stock.

Their most recent announcement may be the cause of the recent increase in activity. In a press release published on July 27, 2023, EPAZ made a significant announcement regarding its ground-breaking partnership with ZenaDrone, Inc., and Night Sun, LLC.

The collaboration with ZenaDrone, Inc. involves the production and sale of the ZenaDrone 1000, a cutting-edge and fully autonomous drone designed to offer a wide range of services, such as surveillance, inspection, and monitoring. The drone’s innovative software technology and rugged hardware make it well-suited for use in military operations, construction, agriculture, surveillance missions, and search-and-rescue tasks, among others.

One of the key highlights of this joint venture is the strategic decision to manufacture and sell the ZenaDrone 1000 on Native American tribal lands. This move not only opens up vast market opportunities but also offers numerous advantages. By operating on tribal lands, EPAZ gains access to tax incentives and favorable contract conditions, enhancing the economic viability of the project.

Moreover, the collaboration has significant implications for job creation within the tribal community. The manufacturing facility will employ personnel from the tribal lands, providing them with high-skilled jobs and bolstering the local economy.

The ZenaDrone 1000 has already generated considerable interest, especially after being showcased at the RES 2023 trade show in Las Vegas. At the trade show, ZenaDrone, Inc. highlighted the drone’s exceptional capabilities in search and rescue missions, firefighting operations, cargo delivery, and land surveys.

In addition to its current functionalities, ZenaDrone aims to enhance its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in the coming year. The planned upgrades include autonomous navigation of previously unmapped terrain, the implementation of deep learning algorithms for various actions, and the incorporation of dual-use features to cater to both commercial and military drone applications.

The collaboration between EPAZ, ZenaDrone, Inc., and Night Sun, LLC, positions EPAZ as a trailblazer in the drone technology market. By combining cutting-edge drone technology with the advantages of manufacturing on tribal lands, EPAZ is poised to tap into a broad customer base, including Native American tribes, the US Government, the US military, and state governments.

CEO Shaun Passley, Ph.D., said, We are excited about forming this joint venture with Night Sun, LLC. Many Native American tribes are ready to use the ZenaDrone 1000; we needed to find a way to sell into the market.

As the ZenaDrone 1000 offers versatile applications across various industries, including the military, agriculture, oil and gas, wildfire management, and civil engineering, it has garnered positive reviews and heightened interest from potential customers.

Overall, this joint venture could reinforce EPAZ’s commitment to advancing drone technology and exploring new avenues for its application. The potential opportunities in the drone industry, coupled with the company’s forward-thinking approach, make EPAZ an intriguing option for investors seeking momentum stocks.


BioAdaptives, Inc. (OTC: BDPT) is exploring a spinoff of its Livestock Impact Division to potentially unlock significant value. The new independent but wholly owned company is expected to focus on developing and marketing natural supplements for performance pets and animals, and it might expand its footprint internationally, targeting opportunities around botanical drugs for veterinary and human use.

Should the spinoff occur, it could potentially enable the Livestock Impact Division to pursue opportunities in the global botanical drug market, which was valued at $163 million in 2021 and is expected to reach $3.2 billion by 2030, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 39%. Markets in India, Australia, and South Korea might be among the biggest opportunities for botanical drugs.

BioAdaptives’ prospects have been bolstered by the addition of Dr. Yaguang Liu of Ly Research and Dr. David Allen, president of the American Botanical Drug Association, to the board of directors. Their experience and connections could potentially aid the company in exploring global opportunities around botanical drugs.

Furthermore, BioAdaptives has signed a nonexclusive licensing agreement with LY Research Corporation, which could potentially pave the way for marketing its patented resveratrol product for animals and humans, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Digital Locations, Inc. (OTC: DLOC) has been gaining momentum as it works on enhancing connections between smartphones and satellites. The company’s team at Florida International University is researching solutions to overcome the technical challenges posed by smartphones’ limited power and small antennas.

If successful, this research could potentially unlock opportunities in designing future satellite antennas and may lead to the provision of high-speed internet service on smartphones.

Digital Locations’ technology aims to deliver high-speed internet directly to smartphones through a direct connection with satellites. This could potentially be an essential development in the wireless communications industry, especially with the increasing interest in low-speed satellite services.


GZ6G Technologies Corp. (OTC: GZIC), a provider of smart digital technologies for advertising in large venues, including stadiums, universities, and municipalities, has announced a strategic partnership with the Kansas City Royals. The company has acquired sponsorship rights within the venue to deliver internet access and run relevant messages and ads about food and merchandise discounts to fans.

The partnership with the Kansas City Royals could potentially open doors for more collaborations with other sports teams. GZ6G Technologies aims to become a preferred mode of marketing within stadiums, generating value from such partnerships.

Additionally, GZ6G Technologies has partnered with Jacksonville Jaguars and Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, to provide cybersecurity solutions for safeguarding data, email applications, and systems. The partnership could potentially offer opportunities for sports marketing and business development, including exclusive IPTV commercial spots.