Nasdaq Stocks Watchlist: KSCP, STKH, NRBO, APLD, HRTX

The NASDAQ is comfortably one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world and attracts millions of investors on a daily basis. The stocks listed on the exchange get a lot of coverage as well. This feature will provide a closer look into five NASDAQ-listed stocks that ought to go into the watch lists.

Knightscope Inc (NASDAQ:KSCP) stock resume its uptrend on Monday and closed higher by 35% on a hefty volume of over 12 million shares- about 3X its average volume. The stock has been trending up over the past month with a jump of 326%.

It is an advanced public safety technology firm that is best known for building fully autonomous security robots. Additionally, Knightscope Inc is also involved in manufacturing blue light emergency communications which help in protecting the places where people, study, work, live and visit. The company’s lofty long-term ambition is to make the United States the safest nation in the world.

The company was in focus yesterday after it announced that its authorized partner JDS Security had deployed the first four of its KS Autonomous Security Robots at a multifamily residential complex located in San Diego, California. The end user client is one of the biggest multifamily housing owners, property managers, and developers in the United States. The ranking had been gleaned from the National Multifamily Housing Council. It has been in the business for more than 37 years and during that period it developed or acquired more than 1015 communities made up of more than 285,000 units in total.

Steakholder Foods Ltd (NASDAQ:STKH) was another notable gainer in yesterday’s trading session as the stock went up 21.43% to $1.02.

The global deep-tech food company Steakholder Foods Ltd is one of the leading players in the cultivated meat industry. Yesterday, the company was in focus after it announced that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Strategic Cooperation with an accredited GCC-based government body to work as the strategic partner of Steakholder Foods.

With the new strategic partner, the company would work on taking forward specific efforts related to food security by applying the path-breaking 3D printing technology from Steakholder Foods. The partnership would begin through an investment from the strategic partner, which would be used to construct a pilot plant. The pilot plant would be deployed for the production of hybrid fish products. As per the agreement, the two entities eventually aim to construct a unique large-scale production plant in the Persian Gulf area. The agreement also stipulated for the material down payment initially to Steakholder Foods for the purpose of procuring the 3D equipment.

NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:NRBO) continues to trend higher and jumped another 17% in Monday’s trading session, extending its weekly gain to 34%. Moreover, the stock is up 54% in the past month.

 The clinical-stage biotech firm is involved in transforming cardiometabolic diseases. On June 27, NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals Inc made an announcement about its unique oxyntomodulin analogue functioning as a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor (GLP1R) and glucagon receptor (GCGR) dual agonist DA 1726.

The company announced that the product had demonstrated superior weight loss efficiency when compared to products like Tirzapatide and Semaglutide in preclinical testing. The finding and other data were presented in the form of an ePoster theatre discussion and two general poster presentations at the American Diabetes Association’s 83rd Scientific Sessions.

The event was held on June 23, 2023. The project manager for DA 1726 Yuna Case spoke about the product as well. Case noted that the product was found to be a novel and long-lasting peptide drug candidate in the preclinical development phase. It also demonstrated therapeutic promise for NASH and obesity.

Applied Digital Corporation (NASDAQ:APLD) – The company is a specialist in the designing, building, and operation of state-of-the-art digital infrastructure meant for high-performance computing apps. Yesterday the company announced its financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter as well as the full fiscal year, both of which ended on May 31, 2023. Applied Digital Corporation generated revenues of $22 million for the quarter and the adjusted EBITDA for the same period was $2.9 million.

The adjusted losses in the fiscal fourth quarter was $0.3 million, which worked out to less than $0.01 of loss per share. The company revealed that during the quarter it had also successfully launched an AI Cloud Service for the purpose of providing high-performance computing power for AI Applications. The management noted that Applied Digital Corporation ended the year on a strong footing and with considerable momentum.

In the coming period, the company would have a deeper focus on the non-crypto use cases of its offerings and deploy the capacity of its high-performance data centers for HPC apps.

APLD stock resumed an uptrend on Monday with a jump of 13.73%. The stock has soared 254% so far this year.

Heron Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:HRTX) – The commercial-stage biotech firm is involved in improving the lives of patients through the commercialization and development of therapeutic innovations which improve medical care. Yesterday the NASDAQ-listed company announced that it was going to go for a corporate restructuring and a cost reduction plan.

Heron Therapeutics Inc noted that these strategic moves in cash savings are to the tune of around $75 million up until 2025. It would also include operational savings to the tune of $45 million. These steps are expected to progress the company toward turning into a streamlined organization with commercial execution as the priority.

After a big drop in the first half, the stock has been bouncing back over the past month with a gain of over 36%.

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