Net Savings Link Inc. (OTC:NSAV) Stock Surges 20%: Here is Why

As Bitcoin continues to be in focus, it may be a good time for investors to look into listed companies involved in the crypto sector a bit more closely. One of those is Net Savings Link Inc. (OTC:NSAV), which is a cryptocurrency, digital assets, and blockchain firm.

On January 22, the company came into focus after it announced that it had been assigned a BSA ID registration number by the FINCEN. The registration would allow Net Savings Link to be regulated in the nature of a Money Services Business (MSB). The company noted in its statement that the FINCEN registration was its initial step in hitting the regulatory goals that had been outlined. The company added that it was looking forward to completing each step systematically.

On January 9, the company hit the newswires after it made an announcement about its NSAVx digital platform, its fully owned Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (CEX). It was revealed that NSAVx had commenced the process of making applications for licensing the CEX as a money exchange.

Additionally, the company noted that it would also apply for a Money Services Business (MSB) license. At the time, the company also listed the tokens that had been listed on the platform. Net Savings Link noted at the time that it was going to have more interesting listings in the near term, and there were also going to be upgrades to drive user growth.

The company made the announcement about the expansion and upgrade of its CEX NSAVx on December 18, 2023. Net Savings Link announced that the platform was going to be powered by the NSAVx token. The company also noted that it was a highly exciting time since the NSAVx token was in a position to help power the entirety of the technology ecosystem at Net Savings Link.

Madison Hall

After graduating from the University of Buffalo, Madison gained a real interest in the markets. She tends to be a swing trader and enjoys Pilates and yoga in her downtime.