Net Savings Link Inc. (OTC:NSAV) Stock Takes a Hit: Now What?

In recent times, the strong rally in the crypto markets has led to considerable attention for companies involved in the sector. One of the companies that could be worth tracking at this point is the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital asset technology firm Net Savings Link Inc. (OTC:NSAV).

On May 20, the company hit the news cycle after it announced that it had launched its rebranded websites. In the news release, it was noted that the changes included new domains that were in alignment with the strategic market segments of Net Savings Link. However, that was not all. The company also revealed that its Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, CEX, had also managed to cross 1.4 million users as of May 19, 2024. In fact, the number of users has soared by 300,000 since May 17, 2024.

One of the three newly launched websites was the corporate website,, which would function as the central hub of information about the company. It would provide up-to-date information about the holdings, structure, and corporate events at Net Savings Link. The second site that had been launched was, which would be dedicated to investor information.

It would work as a resource for investors and shareholders and provide updates in real time from the OTC markets. Additionally, the website would also provide video content, including discussions from and StockTwits. The last website that was newly launched by Net Savings Link was, which would provide visitors with key token information. The website would help users get a better idea of the token ecosystem at NSAVx, help with the registration of new projects, and get direct access to the exchange platforms of NSAVx. It was also revealed in the news release that the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Simon, would deliver a speech at Consensus 2024.

Jon Williams

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