Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) Cancels Its Big Budget Show Altered Carbon After Just Two Seasons: Shuffle Button To Bring A Series Of TV Shows And Streaming Movies

Here is another big show of Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) to bite the dust. The company canceled its big-budget show – Altered Carbon, after just two seasons considering the benefit and cost reasons. It decided to end the show way back in April 2020 and not related to ongoing coronavirus.

The first season of the show in 2018

In 2018, Netflix introduced its show Altered Carbon’s first season as a marquee series. The company produced the adult sci-fi show series based on a popular novel with an expensive budget. Joel Kinnaman, who starred in the first series, said it is of a higher budget show than the Game of Thrones first three seasons, which portrays larger philosophical issues and action sequences meant to be for humans.

Second season with fewer episodes

It received mild praise from the audience on debut. But it attracted the required stream sufficient for the second season. The smaller budget second season is a hit for Netflix with less flashy effects and sets and fewer episodes. However, Altered Carbon is not a big hit like The Game of Thrones. Therefore, Netflix does not invest huge amounts in it, just like the levels of HBO.

Netflix cancels Sense8 after two seasons

Sense8, a predecessor of Altered Carbon, produced by Netflix, is an expensive show. Each episode of the TV show costs $9 million. The company also canceled Sense8 just after two seasons.

Sense8 enjoyed a decent following of the audience, unlike Altered Carbon. However, it is not sufficient to justify the large spending on the balance sheets of Netflix. Therefore, the streaming company ended Sense8 with a final two-hour climax.

Coronavirus impact

Netflix nixed two shows – I am not okay with this and The Society after the second season because of ongoing coronavirus crises.

Tests a Shuffle button

The popular streaming company – Netflix is testing the Shuffle Play button for those who are tired of choosing what to play next. It plans to introduce this feature for a collection of TV shows and streaming movies.

The Shuffle Play avoids an argument with your partner, housemate, or spouse to select what you want to watch in the evening. When you click on the Shuffle Play, it brings up a series of interesting shows. It is easy to select something different and interesting and enjoy.

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