OTC Stocks Watchlist: KBLB, ENZC, TPTW, VPLM, TSOI

The over-the-counter or OTC market is a vibrant one and attracts plenty of investors on a daily basis. However, as it is the case in the case of any stock exchange, it is necessary for investors to put in the right amount of research in order to create a watch lists. However, this feature seeks to make things easy by providing you with a quick look into some OTC listed stocks which could be added to the watch lists presently.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc (OTC:KBLB) – The biotech company is involved in the commercialization and development of spider silk and on July 19 Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc made a key announcement. The company announced at the time that it had been successful in filling two important research positions.

The company revealed that the two researchers would get into their roles straight away and shared 50 years of combined sericulture experience. The new members had been installed by Kraig Biocraft Laboratories at the intersection of research and production. Such an operational move was made by the company so that new technologies could be implemented into the production process with greater ease.

The company also stated that it was entirely focused on the commercial production of its recombinant spider silk technology. Jon Rice, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, spoke about the new appointments as well. He noted that the two new researchers complemented the bio-engineering capabilities of the company’s molecular biology team perfectly.

Enzolytics Inc (OTC:ENZC) – On July 24 Virogenetics Inc, a fully owned subsidiary of Enzolytics Inc, announced that it had been granted approval by the Department for HIV and AIDS, Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for its final protocol. The approval cleared the path for Virogenetics for starting the administration of its patented ITV-1 immunotherapy treatment in August, as previously projected.

The product would be administered to volunteers under the auspices of a fast track programme that would be managed by Neuro Pharma Ltd-Rwanda. The medicine would be administered to patients at HEAL Africa Hospitals, PRC, GOMA, and Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, DRC. The protocol criteria approval was the final step that had been necessary for Virogenetics to meet the requisite conditions to administer the immunotherapy to African HIV volunteers. The company noted that the whole thing was subject to the approval and review of the Center for Innovative Drug Development and Therapeutic Trials for Africa.

TPT Global Tech Inc (OTC:TPTW) – It is a leading technology company based out of San Diego in California. On August 1, TPT Global Tech Inc announced that it had gone into an Acquisition Agreement to pick up 100% of all the outstanding shares in Broadband Infrastructure Inc. Broadband Infrastructure Inc is a fibre optic infrastructure builder for telecom companies and government agencies across the United States.

The company announced that the acquisition was valued at $9 million, out of which $6 million was paid in a promissory note while the rest was paid in TPT Global Tech Series E Preferred stock. The sum in the promissory note could be paid through the Registered A capital raise from the company or an S-1 registered offering with a capital raise as well as a major United States stock exchange listing. Broadband Infrastructure has emerged as one of the more trusted partners for many telecom companies and government agencies in recent years and holds considerable experience.

VoIP-Pal.com Inc (OTC:VPLM) – On August 1 VoIP-Pal.com Inc was in the news cycle after it announced that it had got a favourable Inter Partes Reviews (IPRs) decisions. The company revealed that Samsung’s involvement in the same had been terminated by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board in the IPRs file against a pair of patents.

Additionally, the request from T-Mobile to join the IPRs had also been denied and also denied a corresponding IPR petition from the same company. Due to these developments, all the IPR petitions against VoIP-Pal.com stood terminated. The company had been subject to as many as 28 IPR petitions since as far back as 2016. Emil Malak, the Chief Executive Officer of the company noted that everyone at the company was happy to have concluded the various IPR challenges.

Therapeutic Solutions International Inc (OTC:TSOI) – On July 31 Therapeutic Solutions International Inc was in focus after it announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office had issued a notice of allowance to its subsidiary Campbell Neuroscience for one of its patent applications. The patent was in relation to a unique composition that the company had been working on for preventing suicide.

Campbell had come up with a diagnostic based approach which could identify patients who were at risk of suicide through the use of immunology-based assays, which were predicated on the Campbell Score. The Campbell Score had actually been validated by a clinical trial that had been conducted previously.

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