Penny Stock Watchlist: EWRC, HALB, ORHB, APHLF, KLYG

Investors with long-term success have certain rules they follow, and one of those is the creation of a dynamic watch list for various categories of stocks. It is the same strategy that could prove helpful in the case of penny stocks. Here is a look at five penny stocks that could be added to your watch lists today.

eWorld Companies Inc. (OTC:EWRC): eWorld Companies Inc. is the parent company of Angelini Trading Company, a specialized wine distributor and worldwide innovator in the cutting-edge technology space. The company followed up on its press release on July 10, 2023, yesterday and announced that it signed an agreement with Civet Consultants for artificial intelligence services.

Civet Corporation is a solutions-focused, innovative company that specializes in providing integrated products through the deployment of emerging technology. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Miroslaw Gorny, spoke about the company’s strategy as well. He noted that the company was completely committed to Machine Learning and artificial intelligence so as to bring about a revolution in the wine industry.

He stated that Civet would help the company deliver on its vision of bringing about a whole new era in the winemaking industry. He went on to add that eWorld Companies believed that these technologies would help make winemaking a far more sustainable, profitable, and efficient industry. Gorny added that with the new technology, it would be possible for the company to analyze vast amounts of data to have a granular understanding of the industry.

Halberd Corporation (OTC:HALB) On August 14, Halberd Corporation announced that the mitigation research on its patent-pending nasal spray for traumatic brain injury continued to progress at Mississippi State University. Some students from the university recently presented a paper pertaining to the project at the Mississippi State University Shackouls Honors College Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium held on August 2. The paper in question had been titled “Model FOR Therapeutic Development IN Traumatic Brain Injury.”

The research is being spearheaded by Dr. Russell Carr of the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The aim of the research is to correlate and quantify the biomarkers of traumatic brain injury in models for animals and to then measure the mitigation of the negative effects brought about by the nasal spray from Halberd. The nasal spray deploys three active ingredients that are meant to address the effects of traumatic brain injury in time and block the excessive production of some inflammatory neurotransmitters as well as cytokines.

HippoFi (OTC: ORHB) The fully owned subsidiary unit of HippoFi, PUR Biologics, announced yesterday that it had been awarded a new patent. The company announced that the patent was a major milestone in advancing the treatment offered to those suffering from the impairing effects of osteoarthritis and cartilage degeneration. It was a significant addition to the intellectual property portfolio of the company since it would allow PUR Biologics the sole rights to the innovative compositions and methodologies that deploy Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) to produce advanced extracellular matrix (ECM).

In the news release, it was further noted that the worldwide cartilage repair market was expected to hit $3.5 billion by the year 2028. It was also mentioned in yesterday’s news release that there has not been a higher demand for cartilage regeneration solutions that work. The Head of PUR Biologics, Ryan Fernan, noted that it was a major breakthrough and a milestone in the field of efficient and scalable production of ECM.

Alpha Lithium Corporation (OTC: APHLF): Alpha Lithium Corporation is involved in the development of a portfolio of highly prospective lithium assets located in Argentina. On Monday, the company made an announcement with regard to an updated Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) pertaining to its Tolillar lithium brine project situated in the Salta province in Argentina. The company owns the project in its entirety.

The latest update was an update on the PEA that came about in July. The update included additional resources that had been identified by Alpha Lithium Corporation less than one month ago. The previous PEA had been provided to the company on July 10, and the new resources had been identified on July 17.

Kelyniam Global (OTC: KLYG) Custom cranial implant manufacturing company Kelyniam Global announced its financial results for the half-year period ending June 30, 2023. The company’s revenues dropped by 21.9% to $1,147,045 from $1,469,354 in the prior-year period, and operating losses came in at $229,345. In the prior-year period, that company had made an operating profit of $38394.

The gross margin in the half-year period stood at $871,510 as compared to a gross margin of $118,6419 in the prior-year period. Ross Bjella, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, noted that despite the performance, the underlying business continued to be solid and expressed optimism that it would rebound in the second half of the year.

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