Penny Stocks in News: GXXY, HALB, BRGC, GSPT, TLSS

The penny stocks space may be a bit volatile and may demand a degree of risk tolerance from investors; however, the long-term rewards for investors could be enormous if they pick the right stocks. That requires considerable research. This article is going to look into some of the penny stocks which have been in the news in recent times.

Galexxy Holdings Inc (OTC:GXXY) – On Tuesday, it emerged that the company made a joint announcement with Pillar International with regard to the establishment of a direct sales company named Galexxy LLC. Galexxy Holdings Inc announced that the direct sales company would be able to offer a stirring range of proprietary functional mushroom products. Additionally, the sales process would be supported with a path-breaking new billing, payment, and technology platform. The platform had been designed in such a way as to boost adoption and sales quickly.

The company also revealed that it recognized the immense market potential that lay if it could unlock the health benefits of functional mushrooms through science-powered products of newer formulations. The company seeks to combine that with Real Time Payment Solutions so that the sales efforts can be scaled better. The Chief Executive Officer of Galexxy Holdings Michael Biagi spoke about the development.

He noted that the company was looking to establish a new high-quality brand powered by a path-breaking payment and billing system through the collaboration with Pillars. The company would pre-launch thousands of sales Ambassadors in the fourth quarter.

Halberd Corporation (OTC: HALB) – Yesterday, the company announced that its research collaborator Mississippi State University had completed the collection of tissue samples from a number of the planned test subjects. That would help the university in proceeding with its pre-clinical model for the purpose of studying the endpoints for the path-breaking patent pending nasal spray from Halberd Corporation, which is meant to mitigate the effects of traumatic brain injury. 

The nasal spray from the company had been created for the purpose of eliminating the irreversible and inevitable effects of traumatic brain injury by targeting the related antigens in the cerebrospinal fluid.

BrightRock Gold Corp (OTC: BRGC) – On August 22 the company made an announcement with regards to the imaging data interpretation that had been collected by SpecTIR LLC. BrightRock Gold Corp announced that its decision to appoint SpecTIR LLC for the assignment had led to a path-breaking and unique discovery of a major spodumene discovery at the company’s Midnight Owl property through the deployment of an LWIR (long wave infrared) hyperspectral survey.

The development was a significant one for the company since it led to the creation of a new way in which BrightRock Gold Corp could explore hard rock lithium resources. The company further noted that it was the first time that spodumene-grade lithium had been detected by way of a commercial airborne survey. In the news release, BrightRock Gold also revealed that the hyperspectral survey in question had been conducted with a resolution of around 1 meter and had been in line with military-grade standards.

Golden Star Enterprises Ltd (OTC:GSPT) – The well-known meal prep and delivery firm announced yesterday that its licensed kitchen facility located in the GTA was scalable and all set for further expansion in the same area. Golden Star Enterprises Ltd noted that it had decided to go for such a move at a time when orders had gone up. Last week, the company Chief Executive Officer Benny Doro was in Toronto and reviewed the facilities.

Additionally, he had also introduced SOPs (standard operating procedures), which had been tried and tested at the company’s facility in Vancouver over the past half a decade. It was also noted that the company was also looking for acquisitions as well as joint ventures in the food production and delivery spaces. Such a move would help the company not only cut down on delivery times but also cut down costs with regard to possible expansion into new markets.

Transportation and Logistics Systems Inc (OTC: TLSS) – The company operates through a number of fully owned subsidiary units and provides a number of transportation and logistics services. Yesterday, Transportation and Logistics Systems Inc announced the launch of expanded services into the New England region through an existing client. The company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sebastian Giordano spoke about the development.

He noted that in the release of the company’s 10Q release, it had mentioned by him that there was anticipation of the launch of a range of organic initiatives, which would boost the operating results and revenues in the upcoming months. He went on to add that over the past months, the operations and sales teams had been preparing their operations so that the existing customers could be leveraged with the recent acquisitions.