Penny Stocks to Watch: CBIH, XCPT, INQR, BSEM, HIHI

Penny stocks attract both newbie investors and seasoned ones due to the possibility of making handsome returns from small investments. The best way to go about discovering penny stocks is to create a watch list of stocks to follow. This feature would provide you with a closer look at five stocks that could be added to your watch list.

Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings (OTC:CBIH): The medical research company is a specialist in clinical trials and CBD education. Yesterday, Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings announced that it had launched its new website as part of its rebranding strategy. In the news release yesterday, the company revealed that the new website was a better reflection of its values and vision as a business.

At this point, the company’s work is primarily focused on research and the eventual production of cannabis-based medicines. Specifically, the company seeks to provide people with alternatives for the purpose of healing inflammatory diseases, chronic conditions, and the effects of opioids, among others. It was also noted that the new website was also going to act as a step in the right direction in terms of the relationship between potential and existing investors.

The Vice President and Treasurer of Cannabis Bioscience International, Henry Levinski, spoke about the matter as well. He noted that the website represented the scientific spirit of the company. Additionally, he also invited qualified investors to take a look at the projects that the company aims to develop in the coming five years.

XCana Petroleum Corp. (OTC: XCPT) On September 11, the company announced that it had completed the 248-acre expansion, through which it acquired the ownership rights to the Treasure Box Hill Copper Prospect. In its news release, XCana Petroleum Corp. noted that the Treasure Box Hill Copper Deposit was situated above the western block of the company’s claim block. The company went on to note that the expansion would help expand its mission to consolidate the mining district at a rapid rate.

The chairman of the company, Mac J. Shahsavar, spoke about the latest move from the company as well. He noted that the consolidation work at the Table Mountains, located in Nevada, would involve gaining the rights to more copper prospects, which had been well documented in the region. He went on to note that copper was a key component in a large number of modern renewable energy projects, which were experiencing rapid expansion.

InnovaQor Inc. (OTC: INQR) Yesterday, it emerged that the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Darrell Peterson, recently joined the host of The Stock Day Podcast, Matthew Dunehoo, for an interview. At the interview, the CEO of InnovaQor Inc. provided an update and also confirmed that the company was working on the development of Curallo, a new product.

Peterson spoke about the fact that the company offered healthcare-focused software solutions that were marketed by InnovaQor in the form of a SAAS business model. Eventually, the discussion moved to the new product, Curallo. Peterson revealed that it was a medical professional communications platform directed entirely at the healthcare space.

He went on to note that the product had been under development since April 2023, and the company was hoping to make a demonstration of it in the upcoming weeks. He also stated that the product would have a number of free and subscription-only features.

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC: BSEM) On Monday, the company was in the news after it announced that it had reached a key agreement with BioStem Technologies Inc. It was announced that, as per the terms of the agreement, NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Inc. got the rights to work on the commercialization of amniotic tissue allograft from BioStem Technologies.

Amniotic Tissue Allograft is meant for use as a protective layer at the time ocular surfaces are repaired. It provides a protective covering so that the cornea or the conjunctiva can be repaired. Additionally, it helps ocular surfaces return to healthier states. In the news release yesterday, NovaBay Pharmaceuticals revealed that it would market the product as Avenova Allograft so that it could further strengthen its Avenova eye care brand.

Holiday Island Holdings Inc. (OTC: HIHI) On September 11, Holiday Island Holdings Inc., which had recently been the subject of a reverse merger with XA Interactive Inc., a prominent secondary oil and gas player, made a key announcement. The company announced that it had completed an acquisition that would prove to be a major step for both companies.

In an undisclosed strategic transaction that was conducted entirely in stock, XA Interactive completed the acquisition of Louisiana Onshore Exploration, made up of a number of valued resources. In the news release yesterday, it was also noted that the acquisition could help completely redefine the energy exploration industry as a whole.