Penny Stocks to Watch: DLMI, BSEM, HIHI, HNRC, ENZC

There are a significant number of penny stocks across the numerous exchanges, and hence, it is necessary for investors to be quite diligent with their research. This feature would provide you with a closer look into penny stocks, which could well be added to the watch list at this point.

Diamond Lake Minerals Inc. (OTC:DLMI), a multi-strategy operating company that is a specialist in the development of digital assets and tokens registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, was in focus yesterday. Diamond Lake Minerals Inc. announced yesterday that it had appointed a new strategic advisor in the form of Anthony Scaramucci, who is the managing partner and founder of the firm SkyBridge.

In the news release from the company yesterday, it was noted that Scaramucci possessed considerable expertise in technology, business strategy, and finance. Additionally, he would also play a role in helping Diamond Lake Minerals reshape the future of digital as well as traditional securities. Scaramucci made a statement about his appointment as well and started off by commending the track record of the Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Lake Minerals, Brian Esposito.

He went on to state that it was a significant honor to work in conjunction with the highly talented special advisors already associated with the company. Scaramucci also revealed that he would help the company build traditional securities as well as traditional businesses.

BioStem Technologies Inc. (OTC: ENZC) The company is an innovative player in the field of manufacturing, development, and commercialization of allografts meant for regenerative therapies. On Monday, BioStem Technologies Inc. was in the news after it announced that it had engaged the services of the well-known investor relations and digital strategy firm PCG Advisory Inc. PCG Advisory would function as an advisor to the company in the domains of strategic communications and investor relations. It would work in close proximity to the senior management of BioStem Technologies for the purpose of building investor relations outreach for the company.

The ultimate target would be to deliver a shareholder communication program that would boost the visibility of the community in the investment community. The Chief Executive Officer of BioStem Technologies, Jason Matuszewski, spoke about the development as well. He noted that everyone at the company was delighted at having the opportunity to work in collaboration with PCG Advisory. He added that BioStem Technologies was focused on boosting its manufacturing capacities and speeding up its growth in the wound care space.

Holiday Island Holdings Inc. (OTC: HIHI) Not too long ago, the company was in the news after it concluded a reverse merger with the well-known secondary recovery oil and gas sector player XA Interactive Inc. On September 18, Holiday Island Holdings Inc. announced that it had been successful in securing funding deals that had been meant to expand the oil and gas operations of XA Interactive. The chairman of XA Interactive, Michael Prozer, spoke about the development as well.

He noted that, after the acquisition of Louisiana Onshore Exploration recently, the funding opportunity was an exciting development for the company. He went on to note that it was also a key moment in the growth of XA as a company. He went on to note that the fresh capital would provide the company with the necessary capital for optimizing and developing its oil wells based out of Texas.

Houston Natural Resources Corporation (OTC: HNRC) The company, now known as Cunningham Natural Resources Corporation, announced on September 18 that it had acquired a stake in Cunningham Mining Ltd. In the news release yesterday, Houston Natural Resources Corporation also noted that there was potential for the company to further boost its stake over the course of time.

It ought to be noted that Cunningham Mining had concluded the acquisition of the Nugget Trap Placer Mine situated in the British Columbia Title Registry across an area spanning 573.7 acres. It was further noted that the company had also acquired the accompanying authorizations and permits in the Skeena Mining Division, situated in British Columbia in an area known as the Golden Triangle. It ought to be noted that the Nugget Trap Placer Mine was discovered in the 1930s but had never been mined for gold or silver commercially.

Enzolytics Inc. (OTC: ENZC) On September 18, the company entered the news cycle after it announced that it had executed a binding combination agreement for the sale of its subsidiary units, Virogenetics Inc. and Biogenysis Inc. Enzolytics Inc. announced that the sale of the subsidiary units had been agreed upon with Sagaliam Acquisition Corp. for $450,000,000.

The new combined entity would be listed on NASDAQ, and the de-SPAC process had already started as per the announcement yesterday. The CSO of Virogenetics, Harry Zhabilov, noted that the transaction would open up a number of opportunities to further advance its existing technology.

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