Penny Stocks to Watch: FGCO, PIHG, AFFU, BZWR, NUGN

Methodical investors often prepare a watch list when they are on the hunt for the latest penny stocks to track. More often than not, it proves to be a good strategy. This article will provide you with a look into some of the penny stocks that investors could add to their watch lists.

Financial Gravity Companies Inc. (OTC:FGCO) The company announced yesterday that it had appointed a new Family Office Director in the form of Josh Rahn. In its news release, Financial Gravity Companies Inc. announced that Rahn was a CPA who would bring considerable knowledge from across a range of industries to clients. His experience in the realms of tax and accounting spans in excess of 18 years, and that includes consulting work with both individuals and businesses on tax and financial issues.

In addition to his CPA, Rahnis is also certified in strategy and competitive analysis (CSCA) and a certified management accountant (CMA). The two certifications are regarded as the leading ones globally for professionals involved in strategic business financial management.

Throughout the course of his career, Rahn used his skills to assist his clients with tax planning, individual and business tax separation, cash management, tax research, strategic guidance, payroll, forecasting, and entity selection, among others. In his new role as Family Office Director at Financial Gravity Companies, he will be responsible for providing advanced tax solutions and also ensuring that his network partners stick to the plan.

Plural Industry Holding Group (OTC: PIHG) On Wednesday, the company announced that it added a new member to its advisory board in the form of Andrew Shelepnytsky. Plural Industry Holding Group further revealed that the new appointee would be responsible for assisting the company with its projects in Ukraine and other locations in Europe. Shelepnytsky is a well-known promoter of the interests of Ukraine in the international arena.

He used his connections and experiences to nurture economic and diplomatic ties between his home country and other nations around the world. Additionally, his experience in various fields as a professional spans 15 years, and he also boasts a strong marketing background. Most recently, he served in the capacity of Vice President and Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer at Forbes Monaco. He is also a collaborator with Prince Albert II of the Monaco Foundation and frequently works as an ambassador and advisor for events for the organization.

Affluence Corp. (OTC: AFFU) On September 13, the company announced that its fully owned subsidiary units, OneMind Technologies, and Orange Business Services, had participated in a formal signing event related to the first phase of the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) project. Affluence Corp. revealed that the agreement had been signed on September 4 at a formal event that had more than 50 guests in attendance.

Orange Business had been chosen by the King Abdullah Financial District Development & Management Co. to build, design, and run a state-of-the-art smart city platform that will smoothly sync with the existing digital infrastructure at KAFD. The integration would be accomplished through the use of the hypervisor from OneMind, which would be the main component of the platform.

The strategic partnership between the two companies would look to include data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other advanced technologies in the current platform. The collaboration is aimed at boosting the smart city experience in the premier business district of Saudi Arabia.

Business Warrior Corporation (OTC: BZWR) The pioneering company is focused on providing cloud-powered lending products to promote sustainable growth. Yesterday, Business Warrior Corporation announced its financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter. In the quarter that ended on August 31, 2023, the company announced a boost in quarterly revenues of as much as 16.5% on a sequential basis.

There was also a drop in the percentage net loss, which was a demonstration of the company’s focus on turning profitable. Its flagship product, PayPlan, performed strongly and recorded higher revenues by as much as 40%. Additionally, client acquisitions also went up threefold when compared to the previous quarter. The company also announced that it would also hold a conference call for investors at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time on September 21, 2023.

NuGene International Inc. (OTC: NUGN) The company, which is also known as Livento Group, announced yesterday that on September 7, it had promoted Misha Henriksen to the position of Chief Investment Officer. Additionally, NuGene International Inc. also revealed that the new CIO had also made a major addition to his portfolio through the acquisition of 2.5 million restricted Class C preferred shares in the company.

The acquisition equals 250 million common shares and further strengthens Henriksen’s holding in the company. In the news release, it was noted that the appointment was also a demonstration of the company’s commitment to an innovative investment approach.

Ian Leigh

Ian Leigh is a specialist in analyzing stocks, SEC and OTC filings, and financials of public and privately-held companies. He has played a significant role in M&A activity, consulting with publicly-held firms on acquisitions and divestitures. He also consults on valuations and branding. He lectures at major universities and teaches at specialty financial schools.