Penny Stocks to Watch: LRGR, TLSS, BERI, OWUV, and TMGLF

The market for penny stocks is quite vibrant, and investors are frequently on the lookout for stocks to add to their watch lists. The best way to go about it is by keeping an eye on the latest news. This article would provide investors with a look into penny stocks, which may be worth adding to their watch lists at this point.

Luminar Media Group Inc. (OTC:LRGR) The company is best known for manufacturing Royale de Monte Carlo, which it markets as ‘The World’s Most Prestigious Vodka’. On September 14, Luminar Media Group Inc. announced that it had entered into a path-breaking new collaboration with Synergy Promotions, which is a major player in the curated promotional events space.

The strategic partnership between the two, which would be launched on September 15, would try to bring about a change in the vodka scene in the state of Florida. The collaboration would attempt to establish that through higher visibility of the brand and by providing a premium experience to consumers. The hallmarks would be exclusivity and luxury.

Florida is one of the strongest markets for the product due to its population of 22 million and the presence of more than 2,000 liquor stores. It is also a favorite market for vodka producers. The yearly vodka sales are 7.5 million cases, and hence, the market potential for Luminar Media Group’s product is considerable. The collaboration would help the company corner a meaningful market share.

Transportation and Logistics Systems, Inc. (OTC: TLSS) The company, which operates through a number of fully owned subsidiary units, provides a range of logistics and transportation services. On Thursday, Transportation and Logistics Systems Inc. came up with an update for its shareholders. The update came directly from Sebastian Giordano, the chairman and chief executive officer. Giordano referred to the current realities of the trucking industry so far this year.

He pointed out that, as per data from the fleet management technology company Motiv, the number of small to medium-sized trucking fleets went down by 9,000 in the first fiscal quarter. In the business update about Transportation and Logistics Systems, Giordano noted that although revenues had been lower than expected due to the softness in the market, the company had made progress on other fronts.

It had continued to reduce operational costs, and Giordano asserted that following the revenue rebound, it would have a positive impact immediately.

Blue Earth Resources Inc. (OTC: BERI) On September 14, the company, along with its fully owned subsidiary units, Fuel Trader Resource Management and Fuel Trader Supply, announced that it had established three more BP-branded retail outlets. Since June 2022, Blue Earth Resources Inc. has been working under its BP-branded jobber contract. The company signed a 10-year supply agreement for around 1.44 million gallons a year.

The initial retail outlet had opened in June 2023, and the opening of three new resources was an indication of the growth acceleration that the company had expected when it inked the contract a year ago. The three new retail outlets were opened in the state of Tennessee. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Scott M. Boruff, spoke about the development as well. He noted that everyone at the company was excited about the fact that Blue Earth Resources had opened up three new retail locations. He went on to note that the company was looking to launch more BP-branded locations up until the end of 2023.

One World Universe Inc. (OTC: OWUV): The publicly traded company is involved in making investments in sports-related businesses, business opportunities in emerging spaces like Metaverse, and distressed assets. Additionally, One World Universe Inc. is also focused on providing humanitarian efforts in more than 185 nations.

On Thursday, the company announced that Jerry C. Craig, the founding Chief Executive Officer, had returned to take charge. Craig noted that he had been blighted by medical issues in the past months, but he revealed that he was in robust enough health to restart working on the subsidiaries. He went on to note that One World Universe continued to work on the development of a strong financial footing for the ultimate benefit of the shareholders.

Trigg Minerals Ltd. (OTC: TMGLF) On September 15, the company announced that it had entered into a binding agreement to acquire the entirety of Rush Resources Limited, the mineral explorer. The acquisition would help Trigg Minerals Ltd. expand its mineral portfolio with the addition of a gold and base metal project of considerable potential based out of Queensland, Australia.

Additionally, the company further revealed in its press release that Russ Resources also held the exclusive rights to acquire the Drummond gold project in Queensland. Drummond is an advanced project that is prospective for both base metals and gold.

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