Penny Stocks to Watch: PIHG, GMZP, HHSE, WCHS, GLUC

While penny stocks have the potential to generate considerable returns in a short period of time, it is also true that investors need to put in diligent research to discover the right ones. This feature would provide investors with a look into five penny stocks, which could well be worth watching at this point in time.

Plural Industry Holding Group Co. Limited (OTC:PIHG) On Sunday, the company announced that it had inked an agreement with the firm Agro Enterprise Development Company (AEDC). Plural Industry Holding Group Co. Limited announced that the agreement was for the development of sustainable projects in Africa.

The teams at the company and at AEDC would both use their experience as well as contacts for the purpose of developing financial technology and agricultural projects, sustainable smart communities, and agro-industrial parks, in addition to other related services and infrastructure. In the news release from the company, it was noted that the ultimate aim of the agreement was the development of sustainable projects that create value as well as economic transformation, agricultural innovation, and a wealth boost.

Last but not least, the collaboration seeks to provide strong returns to funders and investors as well. The Chief Executive Officer of AEDC, Nadia Zeine, would identify the projects and oversee them in Africa. She would also work with global industry partners. Plural Industry Holding would be mainly focused on project and financing structuring.

GEMZ Corp. (OTC: GMZP) This past Friday, the company came into the news cycle after it made a key announcement about BadgerBloX Inc., one of its subsidiaries and a major innovator in the shipping container conversion space. GEMZ Corp. announced that under the leadership of its president, Chris Schrubey, BadgerBloX Inc. had been working diligently and had made major strides in relation to its new office as well as its production plant. It was revealed that in the previous weeks, BadgerBloX had worked on significant renovations at its production space so as to make it suitable for the precise demands of container conversion.

The interiors of the plant had been renovated in such a way as to be compliant with the efficiency and quality standards that the company would need for its new line of products. The parking lot outside the plant had also been expanded so that deliveries of shipping containers could take place easily. The seamless delivery of the containers is a major aspect of the operations of the plant.

Hannover House Inc. (OTC: HHSE) On September 8, the company announced that it had entered into a private investment venture to buy trucks, equipment, and specialty trailers. In the news release, Hannover House Inc. noted that it would need to make those purchases since it was going to expand its activities as a feature production entity.

The new equipment would be kept in a production and office space spanning 3600 square feet. Additionally, there would also be a 4200-square-foot grand room, which would not only function as a production stage but also as a storage garage for vehicles. In the news release, it was further noted that once the necessary permits and finalization-related work on the site were completed, Hannover House would start construction in December 2023.

The site would be ready for full-fledged operations by April next year. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Eric Parkinson, spoke about the developments as well. He noted that there was a major market for quality feature films, and if produced efficiently, the company could generate predictable profits.

Winchester Holding Group (OTC: WCHS) This past Friday, the company came into focus after it made an announcement about a major sales transaction. Winchester Holding Group announced that it had completed a sale in early September 2023, which generated HKD$9.2 million in sales revenues.

The company noted that it generated the sales through the reselling of the New Gunther Werks Porsche 911″ luxury vehicles to a high-profile customer in Hong Kong. However, the company also revealed that it did not generate any significant profit from the transactions.

Glucose Health Inc. (OTC: GLUC) The company, which is best known for the manufacturing of GLUCODOWN, a brand of nutritious drink mixes and iced teas, made a major announcement last Friday. Glucose Health Inc. announced at the time that its Spanish-language advertising campaign had proven to be a rousing success. It had resulted in the company attracting a new cohort of customers who wished to experience the benefits offered by GLUCODOWN.

Up until the same period in the fiscal year, GLUCODOWN Peach Mango recorded a year-on-year sales boost of 307% on Amazon. Additionally, GLUCODOWN Cherry recorded sales growth of 146% in the year to date on Amazon to the end of the second fiscal quarter on a year-on-year basis.

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