Premier Graphene Inc. (OTC:BIEI) Stock In Focus After Recent News

There are a large number of companies that would come on the radar of investors in a big way this morning, and one of those could be Premier Graphene Inc. (OTC:BIEI) in light of the developments from yesterday. The company came into focus yesterday after it announced that, through a collaboration with HGI Industrial Technologies LLC, it had successfully acquired a third commercial industrial hemp license in Mexico.

Premier Graphene noted that it had decided to embrace the local resources in Mexico and the United States in order to continue the production and research of novel graphene-based products. The company went on to note that the products would help in meeting the considerable demands in the consumer space across a range of sectors like medical, aerospace, and construction. The company had previously reported that studies conducted recently by a state-approved independent lab located in Baja California, Mexico, had confirmed the benefits of industrial hemp produced from graphene additives in hydraulic concrete. Premier Graphene stated that the results had exceeded its expectations.

In the news release, it was announced that 28 days of testing activities had confirmed the company’s assertions. HGI Industrial Technologies’ IP special blend product had proven to be stronger, lighter, and also possessed the sustained durability demanded in order to meet the demands of the industry. It not only endured a month of stress but also delivered a 25% improvement in the strength demonstrated by the final version of the product. After 14 days of testing, it had gone up from 14% to 25%. It was a significant development since such improvements would lead to considerable cost savings in the industry and include reduced structural support requirements and greater durability of the building products. It could be a good idea to keep an eye on the Premier Graphene stock today.