Quantum Energy Corporation (OTC:QREE) Stock Soars 31%: What’s The Buzz?

As the week draws to a close a number of investors are going to be on the lookout for stocks nonetheless and companies which had been in the news on Thursday could in focus. A company that may be worth looking into at this point in time is Quantum Energy Corporation (OTC:QREE). The company is a global manufacturer and exclusive licensee of path breaking Direct Energy Systems meant for the distribution of direct electrical energy. Yesterday the company announced that it had inked a comprehensive global license related to alternators, photonic lighting products and the first 100% rebuildable and recyclable solar panel system in the world.

The announcement was a significant one and could bring attention to the company’s stock this morning. In the news release it was revealed that all the relevant technology licenses were being granted by Danzik Applied Sciences LLC, Inductance Energy Corporation and WYOTech Investments Group LLC for a dollar. The company further revealed that the licenses were not only exclusive but also applied globally on two terms of 10 years each. The licenses would be for life in case of foreign and United States patents. It also included pending patents.

It was further revealed that the solar production line from Quantum Energy was the first ultra lightweight solar panel and did not require the use of glass. The licensed technology deployed by the company in its solar panels is also controlled by artificial technology. The technology gets cleaned through automated processes every day and needs to structural modifications of any sort. More importantly, the company revealed that the entire solar system was fully recyclable and could be rebuilt. In light of the announcement made by the company it could be good move from investors to keep an eye on further develops on this front over the near term.