RDE Inc (OTCMKTS:RSTN) Stock In Focus After Recent News

RDE Inc (OTCMKTS:RSTN) is best known for owning and operating America’s biggest restaurant focussed digital deals platform Restaurant.com. The company was in the news cycle yesterday after it announced that it had decided to upgrade to a new payments processor. It was noted that the upgrade is going to boost its payment processing capabilities considerably and on top of that it, it would also provide the customers with a better and secure checkout experience.

Trading Data

On Thursday, RSTN stock ended flat at $3.0000 with 200 shares, compared to its average volume 9.32K shares. The stock moved within a range of $3.0000 – 3.0500 after opening trade at $3.0500.

RDE, Inc. Upgrades to New Payment Processor

The partnership that the company struck was with a globally well-known payment processing company, which is renowned for its user friendly interface, focus on security, leading edge technology and considerable experience in the optimization of the transaction process.

The partnership would also help Restaurant.com in advancing its risk management capabilities considerably and would result in a significant reduction in the number of fraudulent transactions on the platform. The latest payment processing systems are already active on the platform and the customers are already enjoying a much smoother and secure payment experience.

The company noted that due to the upgrade to the payments system  there has already been a significant increase in the conversion rates and a major reduction in chargebacks.

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