Real American Capital Corp. (OTC:RLAB) Stock Takes a Hit: But Why?

Combat sports have become hugely popular over the past few years, and it is only natural that investors are often hugely interested in listed companies involved in the sector. One such company is Real American Capital Corp. (OTC:RLAB), which does business as M2MMA and focuses on taking MMA (mixed martial arts) to a different paradigm of athlete well-being, excitement, and professionalism.

The company also seeks to create a community made up of martial artists that adheres to the values of discipline, personal growth, and respect. On Thursday, the company came into the news cycle with key updates with regards to its M2MMA business division. The company announced that it was excited to have been able to sign up its first two athletes, Marie Des Lys Heinz and Judy Humber, for a World Title fight affiliated with the famous World Muaythai Organization. It was a major new announcement and also marked the launch of promotional events for the company. The events in question would begin in Phuket, Thailand, on the weekend of March 31, 2024.

Real American Capital Corp. also announced that Judy Humber, from Aberdeen, Scotland, was in peak athletic condition and a major force in the MMA ring. Her opponent, Marie Des Lys Heinz, from Luxembourg, had been training at a facility in Thailand renowned for the development of elite Muay Thai athletes. Victor Lange, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, spoke about the development yesterday. He stated that everyone at the company was thrilled at the fact that Real American Capital Corp. had announced two MRMA athletes who would be involved in a WMO title fight. The company was looking forward to starting the season off, he noted, and went on to add that further updates would be made available in the coming weeks.